Thursday, August 02, 2007

CHA Deliveries are rolling in

Decidely, some vendors are much faster than others at recovering after CHA. We've already received shipments from several companies.

Yesterday, we received 21 boxes from Zutter (the makers of the Bind-it-all). Sadly, there were supposed to be 22 boxes in the shipment, and of course the missing box is the one with all the new stuff!!! LOL!!! But I'm sure it will be here today.

Come take a look at for the NEW carrying tote for your Bind-it-All as well as an idea book and a book binding tool kit. We're also now re-stocked in machines and wires!

Another huge shipment came in from Karen Foster. I haven't had a chance to upload all the new products on the site yet, but will we working on it within the next few days. There are some nice lines, including some very "male" themes like hunting, wildlife, skater, sports, and four-wheeling, as well as some traditional themes.

Zsiage is a new company for us. Their shipment arrived yesterday and I put the products up on the site already.
One product that is very exciting to me (but hard to visualize) is the Scrapbook Film. It's a plastic-feeling material, translucent in color, pre-cut into alphabets. Now, the exciting thing is that you can use all sort of products to embellish them. You can use alcohol inks, stamp and emboss (yes, it will take heat embossing), paint and sand, etc. I can't wait to try the alcohol ink technique on them (when I get a free moment that is).

Zsiage also has beautiful papers and lots of chipboard alphabets in many sizes.

I can't wait to see what UPS brings us today!!


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