Saturday, September 24, 2011

Something Special Saturday: My Copic Solution...

I finally got the complete collection of Copic Ciao markers.

I bought them as 5 different sets of 36 markers, and the sets each came in a crystal box. At first I thought those cases would be great store the markers, but I soon found that I really struggled to use them. I couldn't see any of the numbers on markers that weren't on the edges of the box, and when I was stuck in bed while recovering from the surgeries the boxes would tip over pretty easily and dump all the pens out. They just didn't meet my needs.

So I started looking for another solution. In my search I saw a lot of different shelf units with dividers But I didn't like having the fact that the markers wouldn't be a lot more visible since they wouldn't all be at eye level. And I was worried that the markers wouldn't be secure in the horizontal shelves (I have a very curious cat who just loves anything cylindrical and who loves to watch things drop to the floor; I was concerned that he would be able too easily to knock markers out of the horizontal cubbies and run off with them.)

Then I went to lunch at a cafeteria, and my solution popped out at me! I realized that what I needed was a cafeteria silverware server! I found a 6-cup one at a restaurant supply store, and I have to say it is PERFECT! Each cup snugly holds 30 Copic Ciao markers, meaning that the entire set of 180 markers fits just right! I sorted the markers by color family, then split them into groups of 30, and placed them into the cups (I cut a few circles from thin cork with a Nestabilities die and lined the bottom of the cups. With a few layers of cork I was able to raise the pens up so they fit less snugly, and was able to prevent the pen caps from getting stuck in a hole in the bottom of the cup.)

But then the trouble of finding just the marker I wanted recurred. It is impossible to see the numbers on the side of the marker, so it is hard to find the right pen.

I solved THAT problem by labeling my Ciao caps. I saw several different solutions for doing that on-line, and I combined my favorite ideas into my solution. I created a file with all the colors in numerical order by color family, complete with little circles around the numbers. I printed two copies of the file (I did both ends of my markers.) You can get the file here.

I then colored each of the circles with the matching color and then cut the paper into strips by color family.

I punched each circle with a 1/4" circle punch, and affixed it to the cap with a mini glue dot.

Though it was a tedious and time-consuming job, it was totally worth the effort since I can now find the right color with little effort. I just choose the color I need using my color chart and then go to the right cup and grab the right pen pretty quickly. I really love my new solution!

How do you store your Copic markers so they are easy to use? I'd love to hear your solution.

Til next time!



  1. CarolB12:18 PM

    Fantastic solution. Luckily, I have ignored the Copic craze, so this is one problem I don't have. I do have others!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! this is wonderful. I've tried many unsuccessful ways to store my many Copic markers. This will work. Thank you! Holly M

    P.S. did I remember to say thank you? Just in case I didn't, THANK YOU!

  3. susan nel2:24 AM

    great idea, you can see how i store my copics on my blog,this was a box for storing cards in, made the insides and works perfectly for me, i dont have 180 pens, at the moment this is perfect.

  4. @Susan Nei... I love your solution, too, and yours works for Sketch or Original markers, too! Mine really is meant for Ciao, and I have no idea how well it would work with the other style of markers. I do know that I wouldn't be able to store 180 of them!

  5. That is BRILLIANT Kathy! I've seen lots of people's ideas on this subject and you have the most logical, budget-conscience solution I've seen!