Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Warehouse Wednesday: Shipping Charges...

Things are still crazy busy at the Frantic Stamper Warehouse. The new site and shopping cart has resulted in a huge up-tick in the number of orders to process, plus we are still working on adding products to the site, and getting in new product daily. I barely have time to breathe.

But I did want to take just a few minutes to explain something about the new shopping cart that has worried a few customers, and to reassure all of you.

With the new shopping cart comes an automated way of assigning postage costs. Sometimes those calculated costs seem really out of line with the products you have selected, and indeed they are! Unfortunately, there is really no good way for the shopping cart to know how much product can fit into a certain sized box, or whether it would be less expensive to ship flat-rate or otherwise. And so the shopping cart does its best-guess, which is not always very good.

I want you to know that we STILL work to find you the least expensive method of shipping we can, and if there is a difference between actual cost and what the shopping cart calculated, we will take care of it! If the cart over-estimated your shipping, we will immediately reimburse the difference. And if the cart under-estimated, we will contact you to explain the difference and get your approval before we ship.

We pride ourselves in keeping the shipping charges reasonable. So the next time that you order, please note that the shipping charges you see are just estimated, and know that you will get the best shipping deal we can find.

Whew. Now I need to get back to work.


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