Saturday, March 30, 2013

Plaid, Day 2, Part 1 (Linda Phinney)

In continuing with our plaid projects, Linda Phinney has a few plaid techniques to share with you today. Enjoy!

My Plaids
by Linda Phinney

Painter's Tape and Dylusions Spray Ink

Create a grid on card-stock with painter's tape and spray first color.  Let dry.

Pull off one layer of tape and spray the second color.  Let dry.

Peel the current layer of tape off the card to expose the white and put it back on over the color you just sprayed.

Spray the third color. (You will cover your second color).

Remove all tape and use a black pen to make lines in the white to finish off the plaid.

Washi Tape

This one was made with Washi tape, and is pretty self-explanatory:

Rubber Band Block

And this one was made with rubber bands wrapped to criss-cross around a wooden block (I later realized cleanup would likely have been easier if I had used an acrylic block instead). I think this would make an interesting basket-weave, too.

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