Sunday, March 31, 2013

Plaid, Day 3 (Kathy Berger)

Happy Easter!

Today we'd like to share some more plaids from our team plaid project, this time from Kathy Berger.

My Plaids
by Kathy Berger

Baby Wipes and Re-inkers

To make the two above plaids I stacked four unfolded baby wipes on top of each other. I then folded the stack until the stack was about 3" wide and narrow enough to hold easily. I then dropped a few drops of re-inkers onto the folded edge of the wipes, leaving a gap between the drops. I swiped the baby wipes across the card stock, and then re-inked the wipes, and swiped in the opposite direction.

On the second plaid, once it was completely dry I used a straight-edge and coordinating colored Copic markers to draw lines in the plaid.

Here are the Easter and Spring cards I made with these plaids. I simply mounted my plaid onto a coordinating card-stock, and then to the card, and then added ready-made embellishments.

Line Stamps

This plaid was created with three different widths of line stamps like those made by FranticStamper. The plaid has a much more formal feel than the baby wipe plaids that I made. I thought was just perfect for this Easter Egg card, whose top pivots open and closed, exposing the Hoppy Birthday tag inside.

Stitch Stamps

After stamping the plaid with the line stamps, I thought it would be really fun to see what other "lines" I might have that I could use in their stead. I had a set of stitch stamps that I thought would fit the bill...and it did exactly that! This was my favorite of all the plaids I created, and was just perfect for this card to congratulate my cousin's daughter on the birth of her new baby. If you want to try making a plaid like this, the set I used is no longer available, but there is a stamp set from Lawn Fawn that would definitely be a good substitute.

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