Saturday, March 09, 2013

Using Silhouette Stamps (Sharon Jeffs)

Using Silhouette Stamps
by Sharon Jeffs

When using a Silhouette stamp I'm always searching for ideas and ways to add colour.  Thats why when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I wanted to have a go in my own way!

To create the background I used a piece of normal white card stock, 3 different coloured Distress markers and an acrylic block.  I began by scribbling colour onto the acrylic block in sections then I spritzed it with water, allowing the colours to blend slightly before pressing the card into the inky puddle.  Once lifted off, the colours slowly soak into the card leaving this very cool water-colour effect to stamp over.

For mine, I chose a Frantic Stamper stamp called Couple eating.

I was so excited by the final product that I chose to make it into a card immediately:

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  1. I love this card. The background is quite amazing.