Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thanking Sharon and Lis

Fran and Kathy want to thank Sharon Jeffs and Lis Whiting for their years of faithful membership and fabulous work as part of the Frantic Stamper Design Team. Unfortunately, their tenure ends today.

We are having more and more interest in positions on the team, and so we felt, with saddened hearts, that we needed to let Sharon and Lis, who have been on the team the longest, move on so others could have an opportunity to join us.

Please join us in thanking Sharon and Lis for all their hard work and wonderful art. We are so grateful for all they have done to promote Frantic Stamper and its products.

It truly has been a joy to work with them, and we will miss them both.


  1. I have enjoyed getting to know you both and see your work! You are both talented ladies who will be missed! Good luck in your new adventures!

  2. Sharon & Lis, I will miss you both! It has been an awesome experience learning and sharing with you both! May God bless you and your families!