Sunday, August 30, 2015

Warning! Monster Inside! (Jen Carter)

WARNING! Monster Inside!
by Jen Carter

For today's card I thought a little outside the box.  I love the new Frantic Stamper Snowflake Reverse Cut die!  As soon as I saw it I knew that this is one I'd go back to time & time again.  But, since I'm looking forward to FALL and not winter, I thought that I could put this die to another use as well! Yep!  I turned those little snowflakes into eyeballs! :)  After I cut out the die from black paper, I backed it with a bright yellow cardstock.  I used a black marker to make a little dot for eyeballs on some of the yellow circles.  I think it looks like monster eye balls.  Then, I heat embossed the sentiment from the cute Monster Mash Up stamp set in Neon Purple embossing powder.  I could see using this die and doing something similar with the eyes with the Birch Trees & other tree dies (like this one)!

Jen Carter Monster Inside Inside

When you open up the card you have a very simple message and a little guy greeting you! :)  I thought about adding a lot of monsters to the inside, but thought that this way was so much cuter.

Jen Carter Monster Inside Closeup

The Floral Happy Birthday die cut seemed perfect for this card because it was fun & playful, much like the card. I used Stick It! to adhere my sentiment die cut.  It's SO much easier this way! I embossed the sentiment in neon purple again and it is also from the Monster Mash Up stamp set.  I used the Pop-Up Bases die to make the little monster (from the Monster Mash Up stamp set & Monster Mash Outline Dies) stick out from the front of the card when it is opened.  Such a fun surprise! 

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  1. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Cute cards...Jan D., FL

  2. Such a cute card. I love the pop up monster, I have a question. The pop up does notappear to be on the fold of the card. do these pop ups work any where on the card base?

    1. This pop-up mechanism is on the fold. The mechanism is just a rectangular shape rather than square so that the pop-up action can be further from the fold but with a lower base, or close to the foldt with a higher base. For this card it was used in the further.lower orientation.

      There are other "pop-up" pieces in the die set that can be used virtually anywhere on the card, but they aren't automatic pop-ups in that they pop by themselves with the opening of the card. All the automatic pop-up mechanisms rely on a fold to work.

      Kathy Berger, FranticStamper Design Team Leader and Die Designer

    2. Thanks for taling time to reply. I thought that they needed to be on the fold, but I understand how it works now.