Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Fabulous Florals (Kathy Berger)

Fabulous Florals
by Kathy Berger

The Fabulous Florals clear stamp set from FranticStamper has four different blooms and two leaves, each in two different sizes, and a set of dies designed to cut them.

The sets, though, might require a bit of explanation. Each of the flowers of the same size are drawn with the same outside lines, so they can all be cut out with a single die. The leaves of each size can also be cut with a single die. So that explains two flower dies and two leaf dies, but there are several more dies. "What are they for?", you might wonder. Well, they can be used to cut out the interior parts of the flowers so the parts an be layered to add depth and dimension. There are dies for the flowers centers as well as the petal layers inside the flower.

In my card I stamped a variety of blooms on my card and colored them. I then stamped 3 copies of each of the two larger flowers, and 2 of the smaller bloom, as well as a few leaves. I colored each of the images and then diecut the leaves and one of each bloom using the outline dies. I used the other floral dies to cut pieces to layer on the full bloom. I also cut those interior shapes out of thin black craft foam and used that between the layers of my flowers. Once I had my three layered flowers ready I attached them to my stamped and colored card base.

This set gives a lot of options for layering the flowers to make fun embellishments for any project!

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