Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fun weekend (Oct 14)

Spent a fun little weekend in Bend, Oregon recently. Here are a few pictures of a project we did. I'll post a few more pictures later (the other 2 tins, and some other items we made)

There were 5 of us there: Char (black shirt/Red hair), Aleta (in the black & white shirt), Jo (in the dark gray shirt), Cindy (in blue) and myself.

Gotta get back to work now!



  1. JoAnna Gualtieri10:49 AM

    The tins are so beautiful! Everything is so neat. I want to get together with my friend, an hour's drive from here, one of these day so we can scrapbook.

  2. Diana9:54 AM

    Fran, so how come there's no picture of you here! LOL

  3. I have photos of Fran I would be happy to share :-)