Saturday, May 09, 2020

Temporary Team Members

Temporary Team Members

Due to COVID-19 Frantic Stamper has been unable to ship dies to two of our team members who reside in other countries: Karen Oliver in Mew Zealand and Anita Kerjiwal in India. In order to continue to share samples made with our mew releases we meeded to nrimg some new people onto the design team in a temporary capacity.

Temporarily replacing Karen is former team member (and assistant leader) Jen Carter. Jen was with the team for several years, and was a key member who provided insight and ideas that helped to shape our product releases. We are thrilled to have her back, even if it is only for a short while!

In order to fill Anita's slot we held a brief design team call. We got applications from dozens and dozens of talented designers, but four applicants really stood out. We were so enamored with the work of all of the four people that we just couldnt decide netween them, so we chose to imvite them all to join us, two at a time on a rotating schedule.

Please welcome Jen C., Clara Fitts Kubert, Kevin Bray, Michelle Hale, and Kavya NK to the team, for however long we need their help. We look forward to seeing the beautiful things they create for us!

I will be posting more about the new members over the next couple of weeks.