Wednesday, January 31, 2007

CHA report - Day 3

Sorry I was not able to post yesterday. My wireless connection in the hotel room was sketchy at best and last night it wouldn't work at all.
Then this morning, I thought I would blog from the airport, but I found out I had to pay $7.95 per day for a connection at LAX, so I said "forget it".

So I'm home now.... and let's see what I can remember, LOL!!

Let's start with Queen & Company. Tons of new brads, sequins, jewels, felt ribbon, etc in fun color schemes. Here's a sample of the "Bold Sequins":
These will start shipping in March. We'll keep you up to date.

Next, I must tell you about this faboulous line of breathtaking papers from France. The company is called Rouge de Garance and their papers have been a huge hit in France, but until now, not available in the USA. I purchased their entire paper line (except for the background papers). Here's a teaser images. We should have these in about 2 weeks!! I will put all the images on the website this weekend.

For the Brits out there, I met Alan & Barry, famous on UK television for their craft shows. They had some fabulous clear stamps and peel off stickers in matching "step by step" geometric designs. I purchased 8 different ones (they had many more) to test the market. The stamps can be used on their own (like "outlines" stamps) but can also be coupled with the matching peel off stickers to add a metallic touch.

Speaking of metallic, I stopped at the We-R-Memory Keepers booth (mainly to purchase the Crop-A-Dile... which I did) and bought their entire new line of "metallic" papers, embellishements, etc. I can't remember the exact name of the line, and I don't have it in front of me, but it's very nice. Probably won't be here till March as well.

Maya Road was a booth were I spent a lot of time (and money) buying up most of their new chipboard books, chipboard shapes, ribbons and ribbon slides. Great designs!! Can't wait to get those on my shelves!!!

7 Gypsies also had their usual fantastic selection of collage type items. Tons of great stuff coming, including some new "expressions" stamps in oval shapes, new papers, stickers, and much more.

Going back on something I mentioned Monday: the Bind-it-All binding machine... I must say, I went back to their booth and ordered 2 more items: the chipboard book covers, and their book paper cutter. I didn't quite understand the cutter at first,but after seeing it in action, I had to have it. It will accurately cut pages for your little books in a jiffy. I'll explain more over the weekend in a special feature on this product. I'll also be offering a fantastic drawing for great prizes with special order packages. More on this later.

Towards the end of the day, I stopped at Dreamweaver's booth where they had lots of new stencils and 12 new colors of Memories Mists. They will be available in mid-March.

One last thing before I go to bed... and I'll post more this weekend. While in the new exhibitors area, I spotted a digital die cut machine under production. It won't be ready til July or so... but it is what we have all been waiting for. This little machine will cut shapes from 1" to 5" (adjustable in 1/2" increments). The cartridges will hold an alphabet and several shapes all on a standard SD type memory card. The machine will be about $150 and the cartridges about $50... but THE most exciting thing is it will have a cable interface and software to make your OWN cartridges (from true type fonts and any design you want) from your PC or Mac. Yes! Mac!!! Mac users won't be left out of this!!!

Oh.... one more thing.... those of you who have been asking me about a UK product called the "bookatrix", I finally found it. Right now, they have 8 templates, but are looking for a US distributor. They won't sell to US companies until they find a US distributor. They said within 2 month, they should be all set up. These template boards are great.... It's hard to tell from the picture below what they do, so I'll give you more details if you don't already know about them.... More this weekend.

Oh.... yet one more thing. I found some great 3-D cutting papers from Germany. These are different from the Dutch ones as they are embossed and have gold printed accents. This means they are easier to use as you just cut and stack them... no need to do the shaping part. I also found the perfect little spring action scissors for cutting the intricate designs. I purchased about 40 patterns in this line. Each sheet will be about $2 and give you 2 or more projects per sheet. I was very impressed with the quality of these.

Well, that's enough for tonight.... I'm pooped and need to get to sleep.

I'll post more this weekend after I go through my notes.



  1. I have really enjoyed All your CHA leaks! Thanks!

  2. Vaughnde Edwards7:39 AM

    The 3D cutting paper from Germany are called Pyramid Sheets. I know this because I have made a few of them using Free Graphics. I belong to a 3D group.

  3. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the papers from France. I also am interested in the book page cutter even though my biggest issue is content not making more books.

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  5. Nikki3:11 PM

    Hi Fran! What is the manuf. of the new digital die cut machine? It sounds so cool!

  6. Hi Nikki,
    the new die cut machine is called "the Slice" by Tinnus. It's still in developement, but I will for sure keep my eye on it because it is by far the best thing I have seen out there.


  7. By your description the 3D sheets are by TBZ who is based in Rotterdam, I think. They have been around a while now (I've been using these sheets for a couple of years) and are also being produced with glitter highlights and as die-cut sheets as well - which are ideal for people with hand dexterity problems that would like to do 3D work but find it difficult. They are superb quality with a high sheen as well as the gilded highlights and are more like thin card than paper.