Thursday, July 26, 2007

CHA excitement begins

We've only been back from CHA for 4 days, and already we have received 2 products ordered at the show!!! And I know 2 more packages are on the way.

It's good to know some companies are fast, even after such a big show.

So what did we get?

We received the newest DVD from Page Sage. It's entitled Rubber Paper Scissors with Judi Watanabe (of Judi-Kins)

This DVD features lots of simple but elegant techniques that Judi is well known for. A must have for the beginner or seasoned rubber stamper! Great also for those non-stampers who want to branch out into card making.

Next our order from Zoom Albums came in. Oooooh, these are soooo cute!!! Miniature albums you print at home. I have so many ideas for these little gems!

Think of the cute gifts you could make for Grandmas! A little album they can carry in their purse. How about party favors, or Bride & Groom albums for a wedding. They take 12 pictures and turn them into a mini album. What comes in 12's? How about 12 years of school pictures, or the first 12 months of your baby's life, the 12 days of Christmas, or a "dozen reasons why I love you" book. You can make a toddler's first reader (take pictures of 12 animals and add the name of each animal for the child to read). Or a mini recipe book for a student in college with pictures of his/her favorite 12 dishes. How cute would a little travel log book be?
I can't wait to see what the UPS lady brings tomorrow!

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