Monday, March 07, 2011

One Year Anniversary

It has been a year since the design team started it's work of producing artwork for our readers. It has been a wonderful time for our team, providing us chance to share what we love to do.

Over the next month we will be gearing up for our second year with what we hope will be some fun new ideas for the blog. We still will be featuring art from our fabulous team of designers, but we will be adding some fun new features, and will be seeking more involvement from our readers.

We have tried to listen to many of your comments from the feedback we requested. We have already worked on improving the display quality of our photographs and tried to make it easier for you to leave comments. We will be doing away with the exhaustive lists of materials for our projects, and are aiming to simplify our instructions in the hopes of making them more reader-friendly. For our more complicated projects we will be trying out a couple of ways of getting detailed instructions to you without overwhelming readers with the blog posts.

The coming month will add some completely new features to compliment our projects (which will now be posted on a weekly basis on Fridays.) Look for news from the FranticStamper warehouse on most Wednesdays. We will have sketches for your cards and scrapbooks on Sundays, and tips for you on Tuesdays. On alternate Thursdays we hope to feature an in depth look at a product or technique. Stay tuned, too, for surprises like quick cards, fun templates, and other things we just have to share.

We hope you will continue to visit us regularly, and leave a comment when you do. This is a learning process for us all, and we hope you will help us to make this blog more enjoyable.

On a final note, we want to thank Erika Taylor for her contributions to the design team over the past year. Due to significant changes in her life, Erika has decided not to continue with the team. I hope you will all join me and Fran in expressing gratitude to Erika for all the inspiration she provided this past year. Hers was a job well-done, and the rest of the team will miss Erika. We wish her nothing but the best as she moves on.

Kathy Berger, Design Team Facilitator


  1. HaPpY BrItHdAY ! I had the highlight of my life to work for Scrapbook King in the early 2000's. I had gotten to know then how extreme the art of scrapbook was...and now it is even more so. I would like to cheer all that have made Frantic Stamper Inc. happen those years ago and now. I know how much hard work it is and the joy that comes with it is rewarding in it's self. Tootsie with

  2. Can't wait to see the new things coming on the blog! Thanks for all you gals do to make it interesting and fun,

  3. Many many thanks for all the design team's hard work! It's been a delight to see their creative projects, and a pleasure that they've shared the designs with all of us! Looking forward to year 2!
    Especially more contests too!!!
    Cheers from Victoria, B.C.!
    Denise Phillips:)