Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sketch Sunday: Scrap #5 (Double Page Layout)

Scrapbook #5 (Double Page Layout)

Today I would like to offer you a new sketch for a double page layout.

The colors I picked for this sketch made me think of the woods and camping... the great outdoors. I love colors from nature; don't you? They also made me think of boy scouts, for some reason. Can't you just picture a photo spread of a boy scout camporee in this basic layout and color scheme?

Of course, this sketch doesn't require these colors; they are just the ones I picked to give you some ideas. You can chose colors to match your photos and still enjoy the cohesive nature of the two page layout... the shapes would give the pages a continuous feel even if the colors are different! So feel free to pick your own color scheme. And remember, this is just a sketch! Your finished product might barely resemble this starting point!

What ever you come up with the design team would love to see your creation! Upload a photo somewhere (Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, etc.) and then share a link with us in the comments. To share all you need to do is add the following codes to your comment, and then replace the word "link" with the actual link to your photo:

      <a href="link">My Pages</a>

Your comment will then contain the words "My Pages" which will link to your photo. The design team really looks forward to seeing your work!

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