Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tip Tuesday: Storing Dies

Today the design team would like to share how we store our dies.

Tip #1
My Sizzix Originals and Sizzlet dies are stored in a dresser drawer (other drawers hold other crafting supplies.) I have plastic baskets that fit into the drawer, and stack 2-deep. The dies are organized into the baskets by category, and then I place baskets of similar items together, stacking, for example, floral dies on top of floral dies. That way if I am looking for a particular die I only need "disturb" a small portion of the drawer.

Tip #2
I have a collection of sizzix dies so I have the sizzix die towers. I like them because you can see the names of the dies and they spin so you can store on both sides.

Tip #3
I like sizzix new spinning die storage. Its similar to the old tower but its horizontal instead of vertical storage. You can see what you have easily and it doesnt take up much room.

Tip #4
I have a lot of dies. In order to find what I want quickly, I have a list in my computer (excel) with the details of each die and what "bin" they are located in. Each bin is numbered. I always find what I need quickly and easily. The list also acts as a shopping guide so I dont buy the same die twice.

Tip #5
I store my Spellbinder and similar dies in Vaultz brand locking CD travel cases.

I cut pieces of magnetic sheet to size to fit in the plastic folders, and put the dies on the magnet, then into the folders. I have different cases for different categories of dies. I have my Nestabilities in one, florals in another, and miscellaneous dies in a third. They dies fit just perfectly, are easy to access, and also travel well!

These CD cases even come in larger sizes.

Tip #6
I store my nestabilities on a magnetic sheet. I buy the Xyron magnet/laminate. I run a 4x5 paper with the label name through my xyron and then use the magnet side for the storage. I put all of these in photo boxes which are then put in a storage bin. Neat and tidy!

Tip #7
I store my sizzix dies in modified copier paper boxes. I cut the box so that its about as high as a BIGZ die standing on end. I stack them all in side and then print out the list of dies on paper - add the paper to the lid and voila! instant storage.

Tip #8
I made a binder to store my dies in. You can see it via a PDF on my (Sharon's)blog.

Until the next time...
The Design Team

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