Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Warehouse Wednesday: Fundraiser for Japan's Animal Shelters


Fundraiser for Japan's Animal Shelters

The recent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan affected more than just people.  Hundreds of dogs and cats had to be rescued from the evacuated Fukushima nuclear plant as well.

In an effort to raise funds to help the animal shelters, Magenta has created 2 special edition rubber stamps (a cat and a dog). Magenta will send the proceeds from the sale of these 2 stamps to the Sora Peace Project in Japan to help fund the purchase of food and veterinary services.

We love animals too.  I have 5 cats, and we have a warehouse doggie (you'll meet her soon), so our hearts told us we need to participate in this.

We purchased 20 of each stamp and will be adding them to the website today.  If they go quickly, we will order more. Please check the website at: to see and purchase the stamps.  


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