Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today we have a few tips for helping with that crafting budget. We know they can be a little tight, especially this time of year!

Tip #1
If you are looking for a great deal on stamping consider trading with fellow stampers. Have a swap meet. What maybe one’s trash may be another’s treasure.

Tip #2
When setting your monthly budget have an entry for stamping supplies. This will help you not to overspend on craft supplies by using a credit card. If you find your budget to constrictive start putting all your spare change in a jar. Before you know it you will have extra money to shop with.

Tip #3
Watch for inexpensive acrylic paints to be on sale. Cheap acrylic paint can be used on mixed media, altered art, and collage projects.

Tip #4
Use “natural” embellishments. Look around your environment for bits of twigs, feathers, beach glass, sea shells, flower petals, and birch bark. (In the US, though, be careful of feathers. Because of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, it is illegal to gather feathers of 836 species, including 58 legal game birds. Better just to buy feathers there!)

Tip #5
Make envelopes from wrapping paper, wallpaper, magazine pages, and old maps.

Tip #6
Paper bags, wallpaper, scrap paper, and parts of old greeting cards can be used to make cards.

Tip #7
Cut images from magazines, wallpaper, and fabric to use on cards and collages. It can change the entire look of the cards and collages.

Tip #8
Use a 5”X8” unlined index card and fold in half for an inexpensive card. Invitation envelopes are the right size for the folded card. Note: these are not acid free or archival!!

Tip #9
Buy inexpensive boxed cards at the Dollar store and "craft" them up by adding embellishments, glitter, and stamped elements. These cards are great for when you need a quick card.

Hope these tips are useful to you and to your wallet!

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  1. Super tips!!! I have another gr8 one. :) I know some crafty friends who sells their homemade cards and spends that mone on new crafty stuff. Neat! :)