Saturday, January 19, 2013

Toadstool (DT Coloring Project by Sharon Jeffs)


by Sharon Jeffs

This Toadstool stamp from Frantic Stamper is one of my favourites and I can tell you why … it reminds me of the forest I walked through when on camp earlier this year.  There were heaps of toadstools on the forest floor and they looked very much like this one which is why I coloured it this way!

I stamped my image using Rangers Adirondak inks then coloured it using Copic markers and a blender to keep the colours soft.

For the Toadstool caps I began with Napoli yellow (Y19) then used my blender to gently blend a bit of Cadmium Red (R27) down to the base of the cap.  I constantly blended between these two colours until I was happy with the result, applying the colour with the blender rather than directly to the page.

For the stalks I used Clay (E44) and used the same technique of applying colour with the blender rather than direct to page.  I love using this technique as it lends itself well to an overall water-colour feel!  

The underside of the main toadstool as well as the cap skirts, I used a mixture of Clay (E44) and Africano (E27).  

To finish off, I then coloured the grass with Willow (G24) and Lettuce Green (YG09).  Now I just need to make some time to create a card to show off my pretty!

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