Monday, July 10, 2017

Mermaid Card (Kathy Berger)

Undersea Fantasy
by Kathy Berger

When I was a child my family would spend a lot of time on the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. One our favorite passtimes while there was walking miles along a nearly deserted beach, laughing, playing games, and drawing pictures in the sand. One afternoon we walked and drew silly pictures, and we had such a wonderful time that it is permanently etched in my mind, and remembering the day never fails to bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart.

The subject of our drawing that day was the undersea fantasy creature the mermaid. We started off drawing just a mermaid sitting on a rock, much like the one on this card, but before long the silliness kicked into high gear! My brother added a small submarine to the first drawing, much like the submarine from this current release, but he added a bulging eyeball to the periscope. My mom then drew a clothes-line with mermaid tails in a variety of sizes pinned out to dry. Next came a pregnant mermaid knitting a tiny tail. Somewhere along the line there was a mermaid sitting on a toilet with her tail down around its base, like a pair of pants for a human. and the silliness lasted for hours. on our return trip down the beach we encountered another family walking along...or rather running along from drawing to drawing, laughing at our crazy doodles.

I made this card for my mom, who suffered a stroke last year, which has triggered an accelerating dementia. I know it is probably too much to hope for, but I pray that the card triggers the memory of that day, and the joy it brought us over the years as we remenisced together.

I hope that the card and the story behind its creation have given you a bit of happiness, too.

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  1. A wonderful story of your family drawing silly pictures in the sand. What a great memory to have! Very nice card, too.