Saturday, January 28, 2017

Altering Dies (Kendra Sand)

Altering Dies

by Kendra

So I am in love with many of Frantic Stampers Dies!  And like many when I get them am SUPER excited to dive in and use them that sometimes I forget to sit back and first think "outside" the box!

When I was posting my tag using the Handmade with Love die a light bulb when off in my head!!

First, here is the tag I had created:

A beautiful tag to add to a handmade gift! The font of the handmade and love, I absolutely love!

But what if I wasn't giving a handmade gift but still wanted to use this die?

Well I decided to die cut the Handmade with Love die and alter it a little bit!  I carefully cut the "Love" away from the rest of the words so that I could create this beauty:

You would have never guessed the word Love was attached to other words!

I LOVE it!

This die can be used in so many other ways!

Another die I have altered a lot lately, is the fun Fishing Pole die.

Here's a look at the entire die:
Frantic Stamper Precision Die - Fishing Pole

Super fun die!  But keep in mind you don't always have to use the entire die. Look at what I did with this card:

I wanted to feature the awesome Fancy Fish die on this card!  What an amazing die!! I cut the die to make it look as though the fish was chasing the line!

Oh so fun!  I hope I have inspired you to sit back and look at your dies a little differently!!  Alter them a little!  Create new die cuts!!

Have a happy day!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Superhero Birthday (Jen Carter)

Superhero Birthday
by Jen Carter

I want to remind you that Frantic Stamper has a wonderful  Super Hero themed set of dies & stamps!  I have really gone overboard creating with these products because they are just SO FUN!  Today I am sharing one card with you and a video as well.  I also hope to have another video showcasing more of the release at a later time.

Jen Carter Super Hero Washi Skyline

So this card...FUN to put together!  This features a couple of the Superhero dies & an older one as well but the focus is that adorable super girl!  That is from the die set called Super Hero Kid.  Oh the fun that you can have with this set!  There are SO MANY choices on how to dress the super hero, what sex to make him/her, what hair style to use, what masks to wear, etc.  So. Fun.

And can you just imagine the fun that your kids/grandkids will have mixing and matching with these pieces?  I also made a magnetic fridge set with this die that I'll share at another time.

Jen Carter Super Hero Washi Skyline Closeup 2

To make the spotlight for the super hero I used a die called Corner Sun Rays Quilt Panel.  I used the circle to fit in the corner of the patterned paper and one of the stitched sun rays for the beam. It was the perfect size!

Jen Carter Super Hero Washi Skyline Closeup

This skyline is another die that I am very excited about as well, called Cityscape.  I die cut it twice, once in white and then a second time in vellum and I used washi tapes to highlight some of the buildings.  I have a video to share with you that shows how to easily create the washi tape buildings.

Thank you for joining us today!

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Snowy Forest Christmas Card

Snowy Forest Christmas Card
aby Kathy Berger

Christmas is over, but we want to try to renew our effort to publish a post featuring a Christmas card on the 25th of every month of the year. Today we would like to share a card by Kathy Berger, our design team leader and die designer. here is Kathy's post, in her words.

Once I have finished making my Mom's card I generally have an idea of what I will do for cards for other family members to whom I always send a special card. This year was no exception. I decided a snowy vista with the Snow Globe Church, the Northern Star, and Santa heading across the moon was in order, since Mom's card had similar elements.

I had recently seen some double z-fold cards and thought that fold would be perfect for my card. I decided to ensure that Santa would be visible only when the card was opened, and that when closed it would be a simple winter scene with the church as the focal point.

In order to make the 6" long edgers cut pieces that are long enough for the full width of the card which spans 8.5 inches I had to cut more than the 6" that the edgers can handle in a single pass. given the number of cards I was making and the number of pieces I would be cutting for each of them, I decided that cutting each piece with 2 passes was going to take too much time. I decided to fold the cardstock and cut it doubled over. I had to be a little careful about placement of the die so as to avoid having trees cut in ways that would rend them inusable. Also, note that the back side of the cardstock of one half of the trees will be visible, but it really didn't matter to me.t

All of the stars and the moon were painted with a light coat of glow in the dark paint. I think the children in my family members's lives will enjoy that little twist!

This card was my prototype. I ended up adding some of the houses from the Village series to the right side of the card, in front of the tree line, but barely behind the snow covered hills in my final version. I think overall the card came out well. I hope you agree!

We hope you will check back often as we start the new year with our new design team. We are really loving what we see them making and are looking forward to sharing it all with you!
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Snow Globe Church


Hill With Pine Trees Edger

Evergreen Forest Edger

Stitched Scene Builder Edgers


Santa's Sleigh


Northern Star


Starfall Background


Script Merry Christmas


Monday, January 23, 2017

Hello (Karen Oliver)

by Karen Oliver

Dies are so versatile and can be used to create subtle backgrounds by using the embossing method suitable for your die cutting machine.

On this card I used the Peeking Cats die from the January Pet Love release.  I drew very light grids in pencil on my white card stock so I could line the dies up as perfectly as possible.  Using my Cuttlebug I embossed them each 3 times to form my background.

I used the Chevron Edger #1 to cut the corner from the card to add a little interest and placed a piece of coloured paper underneath.  Finishing off with the hello die cut in the same coloured paper.  The hello is also cut out in foam so it sits up off the background.

I love this effect and its a wonderful way to stretch your dies.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Lovely Lace (Karen Oliver)

Lovely Lace
by (Karen Oliver)

I love this die called Lacey Edger.  It was released on March 1, 2016  and is so elegant and pretty.  You can use this die to make a very quick and easy card.  It really can stand alone with very little else.  For my card I simply used white card and cut the lacey edge along the bottom and backed it in pink paper.  I stamped the sentiment which could be anything you like and added a strip of paper with a paper bow.  A couple of little sequins and its finished.  So easy yet so effective.  A must have die to add to any collection.

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Friday, January 06, 2017

Mom's Card-2016 (Kathy Berger)

Mom's Card 2016

The time has come for me to share my mom's 2016 Christmas card. As you may or may not know, my card for mom is the first card I tackle when I start to make my Christmas cards. It is always the most challenging one to make, and the most unique.

This year I decided to jump on the chibi light band wagon and make a card with lights. I wanted to make the card a pop up, with back lighting for each of the main elements on the inside of the cards. And, of course, I wanted to use only Frantic Stamper Precision Dies!

I decided I wanted to make a village for my card, so I started off by die cutting several of the buildings and multiple trees from the FranticStamper "village" dies, using 110lb white cardstock.

I also die cut a few tree and hill edgers for the background.

Next I die cut Santa's Sleigh and his reindeer out of black cardstock, and punched a 1.25" circle out of pale yellow card stock.

It is far too complicated to fill in all of the tiny details of how I made the pop ups, and how I wired the chibi lights but I will give you a brief of a description of the steps I took.

Since the card is 5 1/2" x 7" I knew I could easily get away with about 2.5" of pop up elements without having to worry about anything extending too far. So, the four pop-up bases are each 1/2"x7" box mechanisms. I started with a 7"x2" strip of cardstock and scored it lengthwise at every .5". I used strong tape on the first and last of the four areas of the mechanism created by the scores. I aligned the two edges of the box piece with the fold of the card and closed the card to affix them in place. When the card was reopened, there was a 1/2" tall and 1/2" deep box across the base of the inside of the card. I glued the very bottom of the church to the center of the front of the box, very close to the top of the box. I then repeated the process with more 7"x 2" panels, creating boxes that become attached to the base of the card and to the box behind it, and adding buildings and evergreen trees to the boxes. I used a total of four box mechanisms. On the last box I attached a few trees and a hill cut with the stitched hill Edgers.

The wiring followed the Chibi directions for multiple lights on a circuit, with the positive and negative copper tape winding in parallel lines from the top right of the card inside down the inside of the card front, then meandering through the village. I covered the wiring with strips of 1/2" 80lb card stock with 1/8" holes punched at each light.

I created the snowy base with texture paste smeared onto the scene with a finger, and then sprinkled liberally with diamond dust.

The battery is housed in a pocket made from a rectangle of card stock folded over the battery. The copper tape connects to both inside sides of the folded rectangle. The battery itself sits on the negative lead but is surrounded by 3 layers of foam tape, ensuring that the connection to the positive side of the battery can only be made by pushing the top of the folded rectangle.

The blue layer was made by sponging blue inks onto white cardstock. It is attached with 3 layers of foam tape at the top, to align the top with the level of the tape around the battery housing. The panel was attached with glue tape at the bottom. The tree lines and snowy hills were attached with foam tape, building up to 3 layers of foam tape thickness, making the top and bottom of the card flush with each other. The moon was place over the battery to mark its position as well as to add another feature to the image. The stars were cut from white cardstock (covered with Tulip glow-in-the-dark paint) using the starfall  and the Northern Star dies and then were affixed randomly.

The last element I added to the inside of the box was the Script Merry Christmas, die cut from deep red cardstock.

The front of the card was made by layering a piece of glow-in-the-dark painted cardstock onto a dark blue piece of cardstock, and then layering on top of that a piece of cardstock that I sponged dark blue and die cut with the same star dies as used inside of the card. Finally, the Peace on Earth was diecut from white cardstock and added to the card front.

I hope you enjoyed the card. I know Mom did!
*** Materials for this project available at

Village Church


Village School House


Village Candy Shoppe


Village Grocery Shoppe

Village Book Shoppe


Village Victorian


Village Cottage


Village Shrubs and Trees

Hill With Pine Trees Edger

Evergreen Forest Edger

Stitched Scene Builder Edgers


Santa's Sleigh


Northern Star


Starfall Background


Script Merry Christmas


Large Peace on Earth