Thursday, April 06, 2017

April 2017 Die and Stamps

Hello! We would like to share with you a new video introducing our latest stamp and die release, Dads & Grads. We hope you will enjoy the video and the release!

The Dads & Grads dies and stamps are available today at Frantic Stamper.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

hello (Karen Oliver)

by Karen Oliver

Dies are so versatile and can be used to create subtle backgrounds by using the embossing method suitable for your die cutting machine.

On this card I used the Peeking Cats die from the January Pet Love release.  I drew very light grids in pencil on my white card stock so I could line the dies up as perfectly as possible.  Using my Cuttlebug I embossed them each 3 times to form my background.

I used the Chevron Edger #1 to cut the corner from the card to add a little interest and placed a piece of coloured paper underneath.  Finishing off with the hello die cut in the same coloured paper.  The hello is also cut out in foam so it sits up off the background.

I love this effect and its a wonderful way to stretch your dies.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Barn Cards with Video Tutorial (Jen Carter)

Jen Carter A2 Barn Grassy Hill 2

Barn Cards with Video Tutorial
by Jen Carter

Hello!  Today's cards again feature Frantic Stamper's Barn A2 Card Maker die.  For this first card, I used various patterned papers to make a fairly traditional looking barn with a few fun elements thrown in.  The die cuts all of the pieces that you see on this card except for the grass which was cut using the Stitched Grassy Hill Edger die.

Fran from Frantic Stamper recently had some questions about how to use the Barn A2 Card Maker die and so I've put together a video explaining the process.

Hopefully that helps some!

Below is the card that I made in the video.

Jen Carter Barn Triangle 1

Again I used mostly simple but fun patterns for my card.  I did add a fun top to the silo. I just couldn't resist throwing in some extra color!  

Thank you for joining me!

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Barn Shaped Card Tutorial (Kendra Sand)

Barn Shaped Card
by Kendra Sand

Hello CraftyFriends!

I decided to revisit the Barnyard Fun Release from Frantic Stamper to share how fun it is to create a barn shaped card with the awesome Barn Card Maker.

I grabbed a few supplies to start with:

Let's have some fun!!

I started by creating my card base (A2) from a piece of white cardstock, like I would normally. (I like to use a nice sturdy piece as my base, usually 110lb cardstock weight)

I set it aside for a moment to then die-cut the first layer of my barn from my darkest piece of gray!

Here is a picture of it once die-cut:

I'm not going to do any trimming to this piece as it is going to be my main layer for the barn.  (So I did once again use a little heavier piece of cardstock) 

I then grabbed my original white cardbase layer and added adhesive to the entire front.  I then added my die-cut barn so that the top of it slightly goes over my fold.

A view from the backside:

I now need to do a little trimming.

I cut the white strip that is extra along the bottom first:

So my card now looks like this:

The piece of white cardbase between the silo and barn needs to be fussy cut, so I did just that before moving on!

Now it's time to have some fun and begin assembling the barn!! 

I started by die-cutting the barn from a piece of red cardstock:

I marked two arrows in the photo above with a sharpie to show where I trimmed the barn.

I then added adhesive to the area where the piece was going:

I then added the die-cut to my cardstock base.

So exciting!!  

I then die-cut the barn from a piece of white cardstock and once again marked some arrows to show where I trimmed with a scissors.

I only needed the really thin piece of edging for the barn details.

I added a small amount of glue where the piece was going to go and adhered it to the base.

I then added some adhesive tape to a piece of white cardstock and ran the door dies (small and large) through twice to get two of each size as well as the trim board once.  These pieces are now stickers, which makes adding them to the barn easy!!

I then die-cut the top part of the silo with my lighter gray cardstock.

Trimmed it up and added it to my base!

How cool is that?!

Such a fun card it makes!!

Now it is ready to be personalized any way you'd like.

Here is my finished card:

I ended up adding hay, which is a part of the  Barn Card Die, as well as a strip of grass, which I created using the Stitched Grassy Hill Edgers!

Added some black pearls to the doors to act as handles!  And added a few gray pearls to my silo!  They add such a nice touch! 

I added the "Hey" portion of the Hey Y'All die set just above the doors, for my main sentiment, to lead into the inside, In which I stamped the "herd it's your birthday" and cow from the Party Animals clear stamp set.

What a super fun card to make!!

I hope I've inspired you to create your own barn shaped cards!

Have a lovely day!

~ Kendra ~

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Friday, March 03, 2017

Hard to Say Goodbye...

This month the Frantic Stamper Design Team is going on with three fewer team members. We are always sad to see our designers move on, but it is even harder when the designer has been with us for a while. We are going to miss all three designers, but we will especially miss Michelle Leone who has been making beautiful projects for us since June of 2015, when she first joined us a guest designer. We fell in love with her clean, crisp, colorful work right away, and with Michelle pretty quickly as well! She has been a joy to work with, and both Fran and Kathy will miss her a lot. We wish her all the best in her new endeavors, and we hope that she will come back to visit us from time to time. Michelle, you are always welcome to come back!

Also leaving us is Lynn Mangan, who was with us for the past six months as a special favor to Kathy and Fran, to help us with samples for our slideshows , filling a gap between other members leaving and new members joining. We cant even begin to say how much it meant to us that she stepped in for us. This was Lynn's second guest slot with us, and we hope that at some point she will come guest for us again, or join us on a more permanent basis! We love Lynn's work, and we really enjoy working with her...she is a wonderful person, and really talented to boot! We wish Lynn well, and want her to know our team will always have a spot for her if/when she feels she can join us.

And lastly, we say goodbye to one of our most recently added team members, Mary Prasad. Mary had first thought she would join us as a full-time team member, but realized that it just wasnt going to work for her. While she wasn't with us long, Mary did make an impact! We will always enjoy the beautiful samples she made for us during the two months she was with us, and are sorry that it couldn't be for longer. We wish Mary well, and hope that our paths will cross again someday!

Please join the Design Team in wishing these three ladies all the best!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

FranticStamper Die and Stamp Release-Sweet Baby

Frantic Stamper introduces its latest die and clear stamp release, Sweet Baby. Here is a short video slideshow with the new dies and stamps showcased in faboulous projects by the Frantic Stamper Design Team.

These dies and stamps ware availble now at the Frantic Stamper online store.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Merry and Bright (Becky Carafa)

We are pleased to bring you another Christmas card on the 25th of the month...a little late, but before midnight in the Frantic Stamper time zone! This lovely card was made by former team member Becky Carafa. we hope it will inspire you.

Merry and Bright
by Becky Carafa, Former Design Team Member

This card was pretty involved, but the results were worth it!  I die cut the Star Quilt Die a whole lot of times, from white and light blue cardstock, and from patterned paper.  I then built all the quilt squares from the various pieces.  I mounted them on a kraft base, trimmed edges, tied a silver cord bow around it, and added the sentiment.

*** Materials for this project available at

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hedgehog Love Card (Mary Prasad)

Hedgehog Love Card
by Mary Prasad

Here's a cute card that is perfect to tell someone you love them (or for Valentine's Day). It was created with the new March release Frantic Stamper dies and colored with Copic markers. The background can be varied in pattern by using different colors, or even subtle patterned papers, for the diamond shapes if desired. I used Wink of Stella to give the hearts and sentiment a subtle shine that looks great in person.

Here are the steps for making this card:

  1. Cut red cardstock 4 1/4 x 11 inches. Fold in half to form a 4 1/4 x 5 1/5 inch top folding card base.
  2. Cut 3 hearts and the word "Lovely" from red cardstock. Trim ends of "Lovely" to just "Love". Optional: coat each with clear Wink of Stella or other clear glitter pen. Add Glossy Accents to all and set aside to dry.
  3. Follow these instructions carefully. Cut a piece of clear double sided adhesive just a hair smaller than the size of the die. Die cut pink cardstock but leave the pieces in the die. You may need to use a metal cutting plate due to the detail. Remove one backing sheet on adhesive. Carefully line up and stick to die cut pieces. Be sure to rub all over, especially on the small triangles at the edges. You may even want to use your die pick to gently push the smaller pieces into the adhesive. Now remove the die cuts as one piece. You may have to replace a few stubborn pieces by hand. Stick to center of card front. Note: you could cut the clear double sided adhesive larger, then trim down after the pieces are in place.
  4. Add double sided adhesive to a piece of white cardstock just larger than the die. Die cut from cardstock side (so adhesive will be on the back). Remove white frame from die and carefully adhere over pink frame on card. Hint: I exposed the top part of the adhesive, cutting off the backing sheet just at the top, lined up the bottom and stuck the top down; then I removed the rest of the backing. This made it easier for me to line it all up.
  5. Die cut two copies of baby hedgehogs from alcohol marker friendly cardstock. On one copy of each, cut off the hair and discard the rest. These will be layered on top; color these with hair colors. On the full copies, color the hair parts in a mid or dark matching hair color so they won't be so noticeable under the top layer. Color the bodies. I used darker colors to fill in eyes and nose on each (lighter on the girl). To give them some dimension and shine, I used Tuxedo Black Pico Embellisher on the boy's eyes and nose and Desert Sand on the girl's (it is rather transparent so be sure to color with brown first).
  6. Adhere hair to each hedgehog using dimensional tape. Adhere hedgehogs to card front as shown using dimensional tape. Glue hearts and "Love" where shown.

*** Materials for this project available at

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Beautiful Leafy Card Video (Kate Dachovska)

Check out this wonderful video showing the process Kate used to create her beautiful leafy card.

*** Materials for this project available at

Friday, February 10, 2017

Heart Rose Shaker (Kendra Sand)

Heart Rose Shaker
by Kendra Sand

Hello, Frantic Stamper Fans!  Kendra, here from Luv 2Scrap N' Make Cards to share a fun tutorial with you!

I absolutely LOVE creating shaker cards, they are so much fun!  I must admit I am addicted to making them!  It's so much fun to see the recipients reaction to these fun cards!  And yes, I am like a little kid, I love to shake them up before giving them!  To me shaker cards in themselves scream FUN!

By special request, a customer asked for us to share how we create these fun cards! For this last Feminine Style Release, I created this elegant Wedding card:

I created another one to share the process!

I started by grabbing a few supplies:

  • Cardstock Base (A2)
  • Cardstock Layer 4" x 5 1/4"
  • Heart Rose Die
  • Sequins and Seed Beads
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Acetate
  • Foam Tape
  • Stamp Set of Choice

I first added some double-sided adhesive tape to the backside of my cardstock roughly to the area where I planned to run the Heart Rose Die cut through my Big Shot. 

(This step is optional .  It is a little bit of waste of adhesive, but I found it to be easiest for me.  As this die tends to be intricate, I didn't want to have to carefully glue it in a future step and worry about glue running and having a mess! This will be a little more clear as I go on.)

I then took my cardstock layer and Heart Rose Die and ran it through my Big Shot!

I carefully remove the cardstock and die cut!  I removed all the unwanted pieces,  which left me with my open heart window and the beautiful die cut heart rose.  The heart rose is now a sticker, since I added the adhesive, which will make it easy to add to the acetate!  No having to carefully add glue to all the tiny edges!

I flipped over my card base, I may or may not have needed to add more adhesive to the back.  I didn't need to, since adding the adhesive to the right side of my base earlier, I had enough, so I just needed to peel off the backing and add my piece of acetate, making sure the acetate covered the entire window.

So exciting!  I could have just left it like this if I wanted to, and just have the heart cut-out,  but I really like the entire die and all the detail,  so I flipped it back to the front and added the heart rose sticker.

How beautiful!

While on this side, I added my sentiment just under the heart.  I ended up using a "Congratulations" sentiment.

Now for the fun!!

I flipped the card base back over and added my foam tape.

It was important that I made sure that the foam tape went all the way around the entire window so all the foam was touching or else I would have a mess and the sequins would have fallen out!

I removed the backing from the adhesive foam.

I added sequins to my liking (being careful not to drop any on the adhesive).

This is so much fun!  I just love having created my own sequins mixes!!

Then I added a small piece of cardstock that fits just over the window!  I used white cardstock for this card, but sometimes it is fun to use pattern paper!

I added some tape adhesive to the piece of paper I just added.  I then affixed the shaker card layer to my card base!

So fun to make!  The possibilities are endless!!

My completed card:

So elegant and beautiful!  And so much fun to create!!   I ended up adding a few rhinestones to add a little more elegance.

I hope I have inspired you to create a shaker card! Have a fabulous day!!


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