Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter Card

by Lis Whiting

Happy Easter Card



  • Fold the dark brown cardstock in half to make your base card. Cut the brown pattern cardstock to 4x5 ¼. Layer this onto your card.

  • Punch the strip of yellow patterned card-stock.
    (I love Martha Stewart’s edger (border) punches. The designs are detailed and the punch is easy to use. I don’t normally buy holiday punches but when I saw this one I had to have it!)

    • Place the strip of yellow patterned cardstock into the punch. I find it easier to work with the handle next to me (although the design is upside down). You can work left to right or right to left; I work left to right.

    • Make sure that the edge of the paper is flush against the lip of the punch. This assures that you will have a straight border when you’re done.

    • Press the handle down and make your first punch.

    • Pull the paper to the right. You can see the punched pattern.

    • Match the pattern you have punched to the pattern on the punch itself, and that the paper is flush against the lip of the punch.
      (Carefully matching the pattern ensures that you will punch correctly along the paper.)

    • Punch again.

    • Repeat pulling paper to the right and puncing until you have punched a 6 inch length of this border.
      (I always punch a little extra so that I can move the border back and forth on my card to get the best placement.)

  • Lay your punched border along the base of your card and cut the excess off.

  • Glue the ribbon to the bottom of the border strip.

  • Glue the border/ribbon to the base of your card. Add 3mm white pearls to the punched bunnies for their tails.

  • Punch a scalloped oval out of glitter cardstock.

  • Add Happy Easter in cardstock letters to the oval.

  • Punch a small hole in the lower left of the oval.

  • Place a small brad through the center of a purple flower and attach the flower to the oval.

  • Add a 5mm white pearl to the top of the brad.

  • Place mounting tape on the back of your oval.

  • Attach your oval to your Easter card.


  1. Very nice card. I love the non-traditional colors and then that little bit of yellow in the border at the bottom. Great job.

  2. what a stunning card. I love the paper and those colors are scrumptious

  3. a lovely card!! :)