Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bleach Card

 by Sharon Jeffs

Bleached Card



 Cut the card to the following:
    • Brown - 6" by 8 1/2" (Fold in half for the main body of the card)
    • Dark blue - 4" by 5 3/4 " (This is the mat)
    • Light blue - 3 3/4" by 5 1/2"
    • White - 5 1/2" by 2" (cut two of these)

  • Assemble the rollagraph wheel and handle and roll stamp over the inkpad. Roll lengthways across the light blue card and sprinkle with embossing powder before heat setting. br />

  • Fill the waterbrush with bleach and very carefully paint the inside sections of each leaf. As the bleach dries the blue will lighten. Repeat until the inside of each leaf is close to white. Leave the piece to dry thoroughly.

  • Using the EK Success border punch, Punch along one of the long sides on both pieces of white card stock.

  • Attach dark blue piece to the centre of the folded brown card.

  • Using the Martha Stewart Double scalloped punch, punch along the long edge of the light blue card.

  • Using the watercolour pencils, colour each leaf, blending different shades to give a more realistic effect. Don’t be too concerned with it being perfect as you will be blending over with a waterbrush when you are finished. (If possible use a second waterbrush for the water as it can be difficult to remove all traces of the bleach).

    • Before water

    • After water

  • Attach the white strips behind the punched edges of the light blue card and trim off any overhang.

  • Scatter some of the clear flowers across the leaves and secure in place with one of the brads.

  • Adhere to the front of the card.

Until the next time!


  1. this card is very cute sharon!!

  2. very pretty!!!!!!!!


  3. love this technique. Thank you so much for sharing

  4. nice job. I have seen some projects using bleach but haven't tried it yet. This will have to go into my ever expanding file of "need to try" projects.