Friday, April 16, 2010

Bling Card

 by Lis Whiting

Bling Card



  • Fold the black cardstock in half to make the base for your card. The final measurement should be 5 ½ x 4 ¼. Set it aside.

  • Color your Robins Nest Dew Drops

    • Dew Drops are small circles of acrylic. They come in many colors. For today we will be working mostly with the clear ones.

    • Get out your dew drops and several colors of alcohol inks. Use a craft mat.

    • Line up your clear dew drops. (I put them in two rows.)

    • Take the cap off one of your alcohol inks and place a single drop of the ink on top each of a few clear dew drops.

    • Continue coloring your dew drops until you have colored about 15 of them. (3 pool, 3 willow, 3 denim, 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 pearl)

    • You can use a heat gun GENTLY to dry them. The colored dew drops are dry when they aren’t sticky anymore. (It takes about a minute.)

    • To clean your craft mat, squeeze out a little Blending Solution and wipe your mat clean. (I’m amazed at how long this bottle has lasted me. Its been through at least 3 classes of 10 plus my own cardmaking. I still have half of a bottle left.)

    • Set aside the colored dew drops.

  • Using your distress inks, except for walnut stain, and a swirl rubber stamp, stamp in various colors on the front of your ivory cardstock (single sheet of 5 1/4 x 4).

  • Using the other piece of ivory cardstock, stamp a column (or other element of your choice.)

  • Using an ink blending tool, blend walnut stain on the edges of your stamped images. [pic 10]

  • Use Smooch Illuminate to trace all the stamped swirls on your card. Do not put smooch on the column. You can use a heat gun to gently dry the smooch after you have finished.

  • I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the Smooch Illuminate but I LOVE IT! It add a colorless sparkle – almost like a translucent pearl – to the card. I tried to get a good picture of it. The picture may look as though the smooch is ver the top but it really isn’t. Its just the lights shining on it. The total effect is more subtle.

  • Cut a piece of ivory ribbon and add this to the bottom of your stamped ivory cardstock. Attach on the back side.

  • Mount your stamped piece onto the front of your card base.

  • Stamp a sentiment on the column.

  • Place mounting tape on the back of the column and mount onto the card. (Sorry...the ribbon doesn’t show here because I had forgotten to put it on. I did put the ribbon on when I remembered but had to take off the column and re-glue everything. Yuck!)

  • The next step is to attach your dew drops to the column. The idea is to have a “spray” of “flowers” – only these will be dew drops.

  • I took all the dew drops that I was going to use and placed all of them on mini glue dots. I rolled out the mini glue dots and put them all down. This made it simpler for me to take the dew drops one by one and put them on.
  • Leave enough space between some of the dew drops so that you can place pearls between them.

  • Add some beautiful bling to the bottom of the card. I cut the pieces up and attached them where I wanted.

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  1. Another beautiful card!! nice job