Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Flutter (Rozy Smith)

Christmas Flutter
by Rozy Smith

The new Moveable Flutterbye Die is hard to lay down! Loving this die! If you are a butterfly person this is the perfect die.  Making butterflies is a passion and this die meets all the requirements!

Shop the sales "after the holidays" and store them away for future use!

This project was started to learn how to use Deco Mesh. Start with a 6" wire wreath, using pipe cleaners to anchor the Deco Mesh, bundle approximately 6" of ribbon and anchor with a pipe cleaner, work around the wire wreath filling in the wire base. Fluff the ribbon after completing and shape as desired.

Use glass jar, glue a piece of floral foam inside. Cut out 2 strips using the Dazzling Diamonds Border die, anchor the border around the bottom of jar and apply pearls over the top.

Insert Christmas Sprig through the center of the wreath,  run through the wire base to anchor the sprig, then insert into foam base of jar.

Butterflies are made with Blue Swirl Glitter paper (top layer), back layer is cut from matching Christmas Ribbon used for the bow. Butterfly body is cut from extra Poinsettia leaves and anchored with teal brads. Cut (2) extra bodies and glue to the backside giving support to the body, then use hot glue to attach floral wires.

Now decorate as desired. Decorating is a personal style. Some like less, some like more!

Having fun is the point!

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  1. This is so beautiful. My favorite colors for sure. And the butterflies are exquisite!

  2. Rozy....your art work is just's AMAZING !!! So pretty and impressing. Wish you would make a video to show how you made it. I find it a bit difficult to fully understand how to make the butterflies from your written description....
    You are so talented. Thanks a lot for sharing this !!
    Hugs from SPAIN

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words! I so appreciate hearing from you! I'm new on the Frantic Stamper Design Team and have never made a video, at this time! The butterfly die is very easy to work with. My suggestion would be to just pick the colors you like, the medium you like (paper, vellum, glitter, etc.) cut out different layers and place them one on top of the other, then attach with brads! This die is awesome because it already has the holes for inserting the connecting brads. If you order the die and you need any further help I would be happy to email with you and help you out! Once you start working with it, the ideas will flow! So nice talking with you, and again thanks so much for the inspiring words. Happy New Year! Rozy

  4. I keep coming back to this one because it is absolutely beautiful!