Thursday, March 27, 2014

Steam Card (Lis Whiting)

by Lis Whiting

I love the Steampunk style!  It's a marriage of Victoriana and Industrial, and every time I see something Steampunk, I find some object to reminisce about.  I hadn't made anything steampunk in a while and decided I wanted to make a couple of cards. 

I wanted to use a burlap background because I think it lends itself to the masculine feel I was aiming for, and I used gears cut in my new favorite card, holographic ripple! 

I wanted to use a few colors because I planned on stacking the gears and felt different colors would make each layer stand out more.  I added the pearls as a homage to Victoriana and then some eclectic metal elements scattered around as eye candy!

Materials for this project available at

Frantic Stamper products used:


  1. This is NEAT Lis! I love the use of the holographics, they really pop! Great card!

  2. Fantastic Lis, I love the holographic card you used as well!

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