Friday, March 21, 2014

The Versatile Mr. Penguin (Kathy Berger)

The Versatile Mr. Penguin
by Kathy Berger

The Mr. Penguin set of dies by Frantic Stamper is wonderful on its own. It can make a cute penguin with a variety of accessories. Put him in a top hat and bow tie, or knit cap and scarf, or leave him undressed. Position his wings in a variety of poses. He is just a lot of fun. But it is also even more versatile now that Frantic Stamper has added a second set of accessories to their die line.

With the penguin set and this new set make the bunny and chick that are shown on the die packaging.

(Note: the base for Mr. Penguin is ALSO perfect with any of the Frantic Stamper Easter egg dies; it is eggs-actly the right size to back those lovely lacy dies!)

You might imagine that there are other birds that can be made with these dies, and you would be right! Start by adding a hat and purse to Mr. Penguin's parts, and make a Mrs. Penguin. He'll thank you for it! But take it a little further. Color Mr. Penguin's base yellow, leave off his chest piece, and you have a little duck!

Color it blue and use the feet and beak from the add-on set, and you have a blue bird.

Color another base blue, then add a red-orange chest piece (upside down), chick beak and feet, and you have a cute robin.

But don't stop your imagination there! Think of other animals you might be able to make! Here are four more using the parts from the two sets.

First is a little elephant, from behind. I think most of us drew elephants like this as kids; I think it is pretty cute done in this die-based punch art version. It uses the chest piece and wing from the Mr. Penguin set, the head and a foot from the add-on set, and the scarf from Mr. Penguin.

Next I have a little puppy for you. This uses all the same base pieces as the elephant, but it uses the inner ear pieces from the add-on set for the ears, and the cane from Mr. Penguin's set for the tail.

Next up is a frog on a lily pad. He uses the chest piece from Mr. Penguin for the pad, the feet and wings from Mr. Penguin, and the head (twice) from the add-on set. The eyes are the piece cut out from the handle of the purse.

And last is a Lolrus (note the blue bucket made from the top-hat) made with Mr. Penguin parts and the whiskers from the add-on set as the tusks.

I hope my little exercise has made you see how versatile the Mr. Penguin and add-on sets are. I would LOVE to see what YOU come up with using these fabulous pieces!

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  1. So cute Kathy! the versatility of the dies is an awesome selling factor! Thanks for sharing!��