Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Party! (Kathy Berger)

by Kathy Berger

I have a friend who likes to celebrate her birthday with a lot of gusto (I am just the opposite; my birthday is pretty much just another day to me). This card is inspired by one of her celebrations, which had plenty of music, streamers, and friends sipping appletinis while sharing stories of our best times with her.

The record on the front of the card is a Phenakistoscope mechanism; it spins when you pull the little record tab! Here is a link on how to make a phenakistoscope, in case you missed it before. This one was made in the same way, but on a smaller scale.

Those of you who are old enough will remember the little yellow adapters which allowed 45RPM records to be played on a regular turn table. I made mine with a punched circle and tab-shaped slot and eighth-inch circle hand-held punches.

The party is really festive with its banner decoration, made using a piece of twine and five colorful fish-tail flags cut with a Frantic Stamper die. Making the banner even more festive, though, are a few streamers created with quilling papers and a quilling tool (which are BRAND NEW products available at Frantic Stamper!). Aren't they fun?

The music is really going for this party, not just in the record, but in the embossed background, and the musical score emanating from the record...and carrying over to the inside of the card.

Finishing off the card is perhaps tipsy Martini Riley on a record of his own, mounted to the card with a wobble spring.

I hope you've enjoyed my little card party. I surely enjoyed the real one that inspired it!

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  1. Very bright and party like! She will love it!

  2. this is too too cute!!!! Awesome card!!!

  3. I love the party feel to your card - awesome card Kathy!