Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flower punch art

I promised you something very cool tonight.... here it is. Two very talented customers have shared their beautiful flower punch art with us.

The first is Angie from Australia. I've posted some of Angie's work here back in January, but it's worth repeating! Here are some new pieces she has created.

Angie creates a matching box for all her cards. As you can see in the above, the box helps showcase and protect all the meticulous work. Here are a few more cards... all gorgeous of course. These 3 cards were made with the Bookatrix embossig board.

Lisa from Kentucky also shares this talent. Here are her recent entries in the county fair, and as you can see blue ribbons all around!!! Receiving blue ribbons means that she can now enter these items in the State fair! Good luck Lisa! You deserve to win for sure!!!

I hope seeing these beautiful projects will inspire you to try your hand at paper flowers. I'd like to recommend a great book. It's called Paper Bouquet and you can find it on my website at