Friday, February 10, 2017

Heart Rose Shaker (Kendra Sand)

Heart Rose Shaker
by Kendra Sand

Hello, Frantic Stamper Fans!  Kendra, here from Luv 2Scrap N' Make Cards to share a fun tutorial with you!

I absolutely LOVE creating shaker cards, they are so much fun!  I must admit I am addicted to making them!  It's so much fun to see the recipients reaction to these fun cards!  And yes, I am like a little kid, I love to shake them up before giving them!  To me shaker cards in themselves scream FUN!

By special request, a customer asked for us to share how we create these fun cards! For this last Feminine Style Release, I created this elegant Wedding card:

I created another one to share the process!

I started by grabbing a few supplies:

  • Cardstock Base (A2)
  • Cardstock Layer 4" x 5 1/4"
  • Heart Rose Die
  • Sequins and Seed Beads
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Acetate
  • Foam Tape
  • Stamp Set of Choice

I first added some double-sided adhesive tape to the backside of my cardstock roughly to the area where I planned to run the Heart Rose Die cut through my Big Shot. 

(This step is optional .  It is a little bit of waste of adhesive, but I found it to be easiest for me.  As this die tends to be intricate, I didn't want to have to carefully glue it in a future step and worry about glue running and having a mess! This will be a little more clear as I go on.)

I then took my cardstock layer and Heart Rose Die and ran it through my Big Shot!

I carefully remove the cardstock and die cut!  I removed all the unwanted pieces,  which left me with my open heart window and the beautiful die cut heart rose.  The heart rose is now a sticker, since I added the adhesive, which will make it easy to add to the acetate!  No having to carefully add glue to all the tiny edges!

I flipped over my card base, I may or may not have needed to add more adhesive to the back.  I didn't need to, since adding the adhesive to the right side of my base earlier, I had enough, so I just needed to peel off the backing and add my piece of acetate, making sure the acetate covered the entire window.

So exciting!  I could have just left it like this if I wanted to, and just have the heart cut-out,  but I really like the entire die and all the detail,  so I flipped it back to the front and added the heart rose sticker.

How beautiful!

While on this side, I added my sentiment just under the heart.  I ended up using a "Congratulations" sentiment.

Now for the fun!!

I flipped the card base back over and added my foam tape.

It was important that I made sure that the foam tape went all the way around the entire window so all the foam was touching or else I would have a mess and the sequins would have fallen out!

I removed the backing from the adhesive foam.

I added sequins to my liking (being careful not to drop any on the adhesive).

This is so much fun!  I just love having created my own sequins mixes!!

Then I added a small piece of cardstock that fits just over the window!  I used white cardstock for this card, but sometimes it is fun to use pattern paper!

I added some tape adhesive to the piece of paper I just added.  I then affixed the shaker card layer to my card base!

So fun to make!  The possibilities are endless!!

My completed card:

So elegant and beautiful!  And so much fun to create!!   I ended up adding a few rhinestones to add a little more elegance.

I hope I have inspired you to create a shaker card! Have a fabulous day!!


*** Materials for this project available at

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