Friday, December 08, 2017

Snow Buddy Easel Slider Card (Kathy Berger)

Snow Buddy Easel Slider Card
by Kathy Berger

When I designed the lift flap dies, I thought knew they would be terrific for hiding elements on a card, but I also thought that they might be able to be used in other ways, too. This slider mechanism is the first different way I have thought of to use the largest flap. All I needed to do was to add a couple of scores and an inside sliding panel, and the card nearly made itself!

You will need:
  • 1 piece cardstock, 5.5”x8.5”
  • 1 piece cardstock, 4”x4 7/8” (4.875”)
  • 1 piece cardstock 1/2”x5.5”
  • 2 1” circles punched or die-cut from cardstock
  • assorted pieces of paper or cardstock to decorate the card.
  • strong liquid glue
  • strong adhesive tape

Here are my step-by-step instructions for the sliding mechanism.
  • Score the 8.5”x5.5” piece of card stock at 4.25”, as though to form a standard A2 card. Do not fold on the score yet.
  • Using a light tack tape, tape the largest lift flap centered on the right side of the score, 0.25” from the right edge, and run through your die-cutting machine.
  • Reinforce the top score line produced by the die, and score across the flap, 2” down from that score line, and again at 4” from it. Fold on the score lines so the top and bottom folds are valleys and the center fold is a mountain.
  • Now fold the card on the center crease.
  • Score the 0.5”x5.5” piece of cardstock along its entire 5.5” length, 0.25” from its edge. This will form a gutter for the sliding mechanism to slide in.
  • Fold on the score line and crease well.
  • Using strong tape adhesive, afix the gutter strip to the inside of the card both front and back, with the fold of the gutter on the front and back edges of the card.
  • Using strong liquid glue attach the two circles to the top center of the 4”x4 7/8” piece of card stock, one on the card front, one on the card back, with both of them hanging over the edge by half, to form a pull tab.
  • Slide this piece of cardstock into the sleeve formed when you adhered the gutter to the card front and back.
  • Lift the lift-flap temporarily back, exposing the piece of cardstock you just inserted. It acts as the slider part of the mechanism, as well as the pull-tab. Add strong tape adhesive to the bottom edge of the slider then fold the lift-flap back down, being careful to be sure the slider aligns with the bottom straight edge of the lift-flap and then press down to adhere.
  • Test the mechanism by pulling the slider mechanism up at the top of the sleeve. The mechanism should fold at the scores, causing the fornt of the card to tent uoward.
  • Decorate card as desired, making sure to cut a layer to attach to the bottom portion of the slider, but NOT to the top portion!
  • Stamp a sentiment or decorative image in the secret spots revealed when the slider is pulled, and on the top portion of the slider itself.
Here is the information for my decorative pieces on this card.
On pop-up portion of the mechanism:
  • white cardstock, 4”x3.5”, attached to the lower 2” of the tent part of the mechanism
  • light blue cardstock (I speckled mine with white paint), 3.75”x3.25”
  • white cardstock “snowdrift”, 3.25”x2.75”, then cut using Stitched Scene-builder Edger
  • Sweet Holly Snowman cut from white cardstock and colored with Copic markers.
On Slider portion of mechanism:
  • White cardstock, 7/8”x3.5”
  • blue cardstock, 5/8”x3.25”
  • Slender Peace cut from white cardstock

I hope you will give this kind of card a try! It is really very easy to make and a lot of fun to give!

*** Materials for this project available at


  1. This is ADORABLE!!! And the words are exquisite!!! LOVE this!!!!

    1. Thank you! I really had fun making it!

  2. I have to tell you that these two cards are adorable!! But...I really want to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the font of the word JOY. It is so different! I LOVE IT!!!

    1. Thank you for the nice comment! The word "joy" is actually not a is a hand drawn word, as is the "peace" that accompanies it. I hope to do more word in a similar manner in the future. I am really glad you like it!