Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Halloween Card

by Lis Whiting

Happy Halloween Card

Did I mention how much I love the Graphic 45 Halloween papers? Well, I DO! The Alice theme is so much fun and the colors are really vibrant with purples, blues and oranges.



  • Fold your gold pearl card base in half. The card will open from the bottom.

  • Punch out the graveyard border in gold.
    Cut off all but one raven. Save these for later.

  • Punch a round hole in the upper left of the black cardstock piece (see the completed card for positioning).

  • Adhere your black cardstock to your card base.

  • Attach your graveyard strip to you card. Be sure not to have any black cardstock showing at the bottom.

    Isn’t this cool? The gold bling makes the circle shine like the moon.
    You could stop right here and give this scary graveyard to someone. (I wonder what it would look like with a couple of punched out bats?? Hmmm…)

  • To make your tags:
    • Punch out 14 tags from Uncommon Nonsense (blue with spiderweb side) using the tag punch.
      TIP: To make it simpler to handle these divine tiny tags (I love tiny tags), I used some repositionable tacky tape.
              I laid it down on some scrap paper and then put the tags on the tape (half on and half off).

    • Using an ink blender and forest moss distress ink, color the edges of the tags.

    • Dry with heat gun.

    • Add one letter to each tag to spell out Happy Halloween. (I used all lowercase letters and I used black for “happy” and red for “Halloween”.)

    • Using your finger, place a small drop of stickles glitter glue on it and then rub it around each letter on each tag.
      The glitter will want to get stuck in the edges and creases which is just what we want!

    • Dry with heat gun.

    • Remember those ravens? Use a pair of tweezers (because these little guys are small!) and glue one the “h” in Halloween and one each on the two p’s in “happy”.
      Add red gems to the tops of your tags.

  • Glue the last raven on the gravestone facing the other raven.

  • Add mounting tape to the backs of the tags and adhere them to your card. Be sure to leave room for the hand and the cat.

  • To make your cat:

    • Cut out the Cheshire cat from Curiouser (found in lower left of the collage side)

    • Using your ink blender tool, edge the cat in walnut stain.

    • Use the Vintage Collage die to cut out a crown and small pointing hand (set the hand aside for the next step) using the kraft or yellow ochre colored cardstock.

    • Edge the crown in walnut stain.

    • Attach the crown to the head of the cat.

    • Add green gems to the top of the crown.

  • Adhere the cat/crown to your card to the left of the word “happy”.

  • Add a small line of glitter glue to the bottom of the crown. [pic 7]

  • To make your pointing hand:

    • Place your die cut hand on your craft mat.

    • Add a thick layer of weathered wood crackle paint.

    • Let it dry.

    • You can use a heat gun AFTER it starts cracking in order to speed up the process a little.

    • Add walnut stain all over the hand, rub in gently to get the ink into the cracks.

    • Take a damp paper towel and dab off some of the ink to show the colored cracks.

  • Add mounting tape to the back of the hand and mount onto your card.
    The hand should be pointing toward the greeting.

    Note: If any of the cardstock is showing around the edges when you are done, don’t worry, just trim it off.
This is one scary card! Hope that you enjoyed this. See you next time!

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