Monday, September 27, 2010

Haunted House!

by Lis Whiting

Haunted House!

I couldn’t resist making this Halloween Card with the Martha Stewart Punches! I really love the detail that has been put into these quality punches. This is a really fun card to try. I hope that this design gives you ideas to try other designs for Halloween cards!


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • Bazzill Basics Monochromatic 5-color packs
    • Bazzil Bling
      • String of Pearls Bling, 2 pieces, each 2"x2"     ( BAZ-BL-801   $0.69)
      • Blank Check Bling, 8 1/2"x11"     ( BAZ-BL-802   $0.69)
      • Handsome Bling, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"     ( BAZ-BL-708   $0.69)
    • American Craft Cardstock
  • Inks and Embossing Powders
  • Embellishments
    • Ranger Stickles Distress Glitter Glue, Tim Holtz Distress, Fired Brick     ( Ran-STTH-fired   $2.59)
  • Tools


  • Fold your Bazzill Bling Handsome (dark blue) in half to form your base card.
    The card will open from the bottom.

  • Take your green cardstock and tear it so that it forms a hill to the right.(refer to card photo)
    Edge the green with Black Soot ink (I used direct to paper technique.)
    Glue it down on the card, making sure that the green goes to the bottom edge of the card base.

  • Take your brown Bazzill and tear a smaller hill, hill is on the left this time.
    Edge this with the Black Soot also but lightly.
    Don’t glue this yet.

  • Using the Graveyard border, punch out your border with Blank Check Bling (don’t you just love these names?)
    Cut the border so that you have about 1/4” solid cardstock under the border.
    Cut the border up into smaller pieces (see photo).

  • Put double stick tape on the FRONT of the pieces.

  • Take your brown torn Bazzill and place one of the gravestone pieces on it to position it.
    Make a small mark with a craft blade to the left and to the right of the piece directly onto the brown cardstock.
    Make a cut in the brown cardstock from one mark to the other.
    Now, slip the bottom of the gravestone piece through the cut so that only the gravestones are showing.
    Press firmly to attach on the back side using the double stick tape you put on.

  • Do this for the other gravestone border pieces.
    NOTE: I didn’t use the entire border; I only used a few pieces.

  • I saved the crow from the border for the house.
    I cut it off the border and added it to the roof.

  • Glue your brown cardstock with the headstones in place to your card.

  • Punch out the RIP headstone. Since this is Bling cardstock there is a coating, so we need to use StazOn Black ink.
    Use direct to paper technique to highlight the embossed RIP letters and the edges of the tombstone.
    Let dry.

  • Cut a piece of green cardstock a little longer than the RIP headstone and about one inch high.
    Fringe the long edge of the green.
    This will become overgrown grass.

  • Hold the completed green fringe up to your headstone and trim the middle a bit so that you can see the RIP letters.

  • Mash and mangle the fringe.

  • Use mounting tape to adhere your headstone to your card (lower left).

  • Use glue dots or double stick tape to adhere the fringe over the RIP headstone.

  • Punch out an 11” length of Iron fence using black cardstock.
    Put the punched border up to your card (its going on the bottom), measure from edge to edge of the card, and cut off the excess.
    Add glue dots to the back of the fence and adhere to your card.

  • Take a toothpick or tweezers and get the grass to stick through the fence.
    Design Ideas:
    • You can bend the tops of the fence to make it look older.
    • You can emboss with black distress embossing powder to give it a rough surface.

  • Take the leftover fence and cut the bats out (3 of them).
    You want to leave a small tab at the bottom and top of the wings.
    This will be the head and tail of the bat.

  • Glue the bats to the card over the graveyard.

  • Punch out your haunted house.
    Place the punched out house against a yellow square of cardstock.
    Cut the yellow so that it is the backing behind the house.
    This will be the color of the windows.
    Glue the yellow to the back of the house.

  • Add mounting tape to the house and adhere to card.

  • Attach your moon with double stick tape behind the right of the house.

  • Add the raven (crow) to the top right spire of the house with glue.

  • Take a paper towel and dab it into black soot ink.

  • Wipe gently onto the green cardstock from the door of the house toward the graveyard.
    This will be the “path”.

  • Add some stickles fired brick glitter glue to the open door of the house.
    Let dry.
Have a Happy Halloween!


  1. This is such a great card. I love it!!!

  2. Great idea and love how it turned out:)