Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life Unscripted

by Lis Whiting

Life Unscripted Card

This is a fun card that I made. I do love the Alice in Wonderland papers from Graphic 45. I love the old drawings and the colors really add that feeling of Halloween. But I wanted to do a card that wasn’t quite so Halloweeny (is that a word?). So, here is my card. I think Alice is a great addition to a card with a title of Life unscripted!


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • Fancy Pants Papers, My Family Line
      • Sister, 4 1/4” x 10”     ( FP-P-141   $0.89)
      • Father, 4 1/4” x 10”     ( FP-P-142   $0.89)
      • Cards, choose one from page for tag     ( FP-P-133   $0.89)
    • Graphic 45, Hallowe'en In WL, Jabberwocky     ( G45-P-0245   $0.99)
    • Manila Cardstock, 8 1/2” x 10”
  • Distress Inks
  • Embellishments
  • Tools


  • Fold your manila cardstock in half lengthwise to create your card base.
    Set aside.

  • Both pieces of patterned card will be glued on top of the card base.
    The left side will be folder over to the back and glued there.
    In order to do this easily, you will need to emboss a fold line.
    • Take both pieces of patterned cardstock, an embossing tool and your fiskars craft mat.

    • Emboss on the reverse side so that any markings you make won’t show.
      Mark 1/2 “on what will be the left side of your paper.

    • Using your embossing tool emboss a line from top to bottom on both sheets.
      This will be your fold line.

    • Crease and fold the paper.
      (That’s it for now. Don’t worry if the fold opens up. We will be gluing later on.)
  • Take your darker paper and punch a border on the right side.

  • Attach to your base card with glue.

  • Take the lighter colored paper and using either an xacto blade or cutting wheel, cut a wavy line vertically through this one paper.
    (Do not cut the darker colored paper.)

  • Take your circle punch and punch 4 holes (1 1.4”) in the paper. Remember to leave space at the bottom for your tag.

  • Take a gold pen and edge each circle in gold.

  • Take each Alice image and place behind the circle.

  • Trim away any excess that shows.

  • Glue image on the back of the paper so that the image shows through in the punched out circle.

  • Using your Suze craft mat and an ink blending tool, color the edges of the card and the paper with the punched holes.

  • Attach the paper with punched holes to your card with glue.

  • Take your Cards paper and cut out one of the sayings.

  • Bend the upper right corner over.

  • Punch a small hole and add a red glitter brad.

  • Blend weathered wood around all edges of the tag.

  • Blend faded jeans on the corners.

  • Add mounting tape to the back of your tag saying and mount on the bottom of your card.

  • Take some black ribbon, make a bow and attach with double stick tape to the lower part of your card – on top of the tag.

  • Only adhere the left side to the card.

  • Trim any excess on the LEFT ONLY.

  • Take a thin piece of double stick tape (or glue dots) and place on the right side where you want to make your ribbon folds.

  • After you lay down your tape (or glue dots), begin to fold the ribbon. Each fold ends touching the tape which will keep it from unraveling.

  • Trim the end of your ribbon.
This is a good pattern to use for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just imagine all the different pictures you can put behind those circles! You can even make a scrapbook card with your kids faces to send to grandmother!

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