Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Skull Album

by Sharon Jeffs


  • Cover each of the interior surfaces of the album with a paper.
    I chose to cover mine with ordinary white copy paper as I want to give my album a spray with Glimmer Mist and the white paper will soak it up best.

  • Edge all the edges with a layer of the eggshell paint.
    Set aside to dry completely.

  • Paint the front and back of the album with the Eggshell paint.
    You will need two coats to ensure even coverage.

  • Using a dry brush technique (dab paint onto the brush then rub 90% off onto scrap paper), edge the skull with cool gray then repeat with black.
    A trick I like to use when doing this is to have a baby wipe with me and as I finish dry brushing the project, I dab it with the wet one.
    I then smudge over with the paint brush to smoothen the dry brushing effect.
    Repeat for both top and bottom of album.

  • Paint the cross bones black.
    Dry brush the edges with Cool gray and put aside to dry thoroughly.

  • Paint entire surface of the skull (both top and bottom of album) with the Rock Candy Crackle paint and put aside to dry thoroughly.
    Once dry coat with glaze medium or another type of sealer of your preference.
    Spray each of the papered surfaces with the Glimmer mist, spraying from the edge with the binding holes across.

  • Cut the Polka dot ribbon into three sections and one to each ring in a bow.
    Cut the looped trim into six sections and two onto the ring, one on either side of the bow.

  • Peel back the centre of one of the Prima flowers and punch a hole through the centre of the flower.
    Adhere the flower over the top hole of the album, aligning the hole in the centre of the flower with the hole in the cover.

  • Join all the album pieces together with the three hinged rings.

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  1. Neat...love the tip about the baby wipe...tfs:D