Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paper Storage

Tip #1
I try to keep my paper stored vertically. I purchased the Clear Bags sizes so that I can see exactly what I have.

Tip #2
All my holiday papers are stored separetly. Christmas, Halloween, etc are stored each in their own plastic envelope along with embeliishments. All I have to do is grab the right holiday bag and Im ready to go.

Tip #3
I purchased a two shelf bookcase cheap. I store my paper vertically in that. I have enough room to be able to put the plain papers in color order and the patterned papers on the next shelf.

Tip #4
You can also purchase paper trays like those used in stores. There are clear stackable trays available. They stack in a "tower" up to 30 trays high. I like to keep my papers in these types of trays sorted by color families.

Tip #5
Be sure to keep your papers away from direct sunlight so they don't fade.

Tip #6
If you live in a high humidity area, store your papers in closed boxes and put a silica pack inside the box. Silica packs usually come in the box when you buy shoes, or inside purses, or toner cartridges. I save all mine and reuse them when I want to keep moisture at bay.

Tip #7
I was fortunate enough to find a paper storage cabinet when a local stationary store was going out of buisness. It has 24 cubby holes, each just the right size for a ream of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. It is a great idea to shop at stores that are closing...you never know what kinds of treasures you can find in their shelving!

Tip #8
I use a full size "Iris" cart to store scraps. Each drawer is for a different color family. I keep it right under my work station, so I can always check scraps first or quickly grab a piece for a matt.

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