Friday, October 14, 2011

Pop-Up Snowflake (Design Team Project)

by Sharon Jeffs

Pop-Up Snowflake Card

I know many people are making Halloween and fall cards right now, but I am getting a start on my holiday cards, and I have one I wanted to share with you.

Ever since I was 18 and I received my first ever pop-up card, I have been hooked.  I love the playful nature of opening up a flat card to find a dimensional object inside. Pop- up cards are actually pretty easy to make so long as you understand the mechanics behind making them work.  One of the easiest to construct is one that features layers and I’m going to show you how to create a layers mechanism for a Christmas card.   Here is what it looks like finished …

To begin, you will need to find an image that you prefer.  An ideal image is one that is very symmetrical so that when you combine the layers, they smoothly transition together.  For my card I googled “free snowflake clip art to find mine.  If you’d like to use this image, you can find it here.

Once you have selected your image, print two copies that are exactly the same and cut them out.

Next, layer them both on top of one another (this would need to be different if your image has a distinct top and bottom) and cut along the dashed line as seen here.

Then on both of the snowflakes, fold along one of the thin lines, alternating sides on each (for example – the left side on the first and the right side on the second).  These folded parts will make the tabs for attaching your snowflake into your card.

To assemble your snowflake, slot the first snowflake together with the second through the cut slots until both halves are aligned.

Make sure that the snowflake that has the folded tabs is to the back of the snowflake.

Create your card base, open the base and lay flat on your workspace.   Open up your snowflake to the way you want it to look when the card is opened. Once you are happy with it, place a small amount of strong glue on one of the tabs and press down in place.

To make sure your pop up closes flat, flatten the snowflake to one side as it would when the card is closed then place a small amount of adhesive onto the final tab and close the card.  The tab will then adhere in the perfect place for a flat closure.   Once dry, have a go at decorating the front of your card in a similar theme.  Here’s what I did with mine …

I used a range of Memory Box dies to complete my card.  (  These are great dies because they have such pretty designs at such an affordable price.  I finished off my card by coating the snowflakes and decorative swirls with some Ice Stickles.

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  1. I know I'm really late commenting. Just want to thank you for such clear instructions, with photos!