Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warehouse Wednesday: BasicGrey Samplers

BasicGrey shared this project with us, and we thought you would enjoy it, too. Be sure to check out all the wonderful BasicGrey papers available at

Easy. Simple. Fast. Fun. What new product is the talk of the town?

BasicGrey's Samplers!

Check out this one by designer Amy Friend. As you can see, it is a symphony of simple shapes (You could do the same with punches and circle cutting tools) and easy techniques. Featuring Picadilly paper and embellishments, this example is just one of many ways you can decorate them for a great and personalized piece of home decor!

Needlepoint, scout badges, photographs, paint, glitter, paper, fabric, ink and every embellishment you can think of--this project works with them all. Looking for a new creative way to use every tool and product in your collection? Look no further. You are only limited by your imagination!

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