Thursday, October 31, 2013

Skull Candy Jar (Rozy Smith)

Skull Candy Jar
by Rozy

This is a quick and easy project, perfect for today!

Purchase a glass jar from the Dollar store.

Cut out 4 medium skulls & 8 small skulls using black vinyl.

Cut out 2 large skulls from black vinyl & one from heavy weight white cardstock.

Fill jar with Candy Corn.

Place skulls around jar, one medium in the middle and two on either side. Apply glittered gumdrops to the eyes of the medium skulls, alternating green and gold gumdrops.

Use large skull and place black vinyl on either side of the white card-stock (The card-stock is for support.) Adhere, with a hot glue gun, large rhinestone eyes and some flourishes.

Place netting on top and glue in place anchoring the Large Skull; use Prima flower parts to make flowers and place on the lid; use colors of your choice.

Make a ribbon bow for around the jar.

Make "Boo Tag" from Flag Trio Die Set using orange, yellow and black cardstock. Apply mini lettering for Boo....

Place some white ghosts in selected places.

Voila! Your Skull Candy Jar is ready for the party.

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