Thursday, October 03, 2013

Collaged Wooden Frame with Mirror (Lis Whiting)

Collaged Woden Frame with Mirror
by Lis Whiting

Today's project is a framed mirror. You might wonder where to get a mirror to fit into a wooden frame? Well, I used Tim Holtz MirrorCard. Yup! And it works great! Now that I've spilled the beans about my "secret element" on my project - let's back up to creating!

I wanted to do a frame - the original idea was to do something for students to take with them to college. That idea slowly morphed into the completed project you see today.

Anyway, I started out by buying a plain wooden frame. I painted the frame completely with white gesso. Then I used Moulding Paste and a flower stencil (still all white) to create a texture on the front of my frame.

I used two different spray colors to color my frame (purple and yellow). If I had it do over again I probably would have chosen a light red and yellow.  The colors would have blended better where they meet on my project.

After I colored my frame, I sanded the tops of the flowers so that there would be more contrast. 

I used a number of different embellishments to decorate my frame including washi tape, organza ribbon, pearls and some 3-D stickers.

Here are some close ups!


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  1. I love your idea! The colors are gorgeous, and of course the butterfly adds that "pop" element, I love butterflies!