Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gift Tag Tree (Rozy Smith)

Gift Tag Tree
by Rozy

I started with a pint size jar, spray painted it with Krylon Watermelon spray paint. Next, I gathered tree branches, some artificial and some dead (for a more realistic look), attached pink flower stems and white daisy stems using floral tape. I glued a piece of dry floral foam in the bottom of the jar for support of the branches, then made floral picks out of white and pink sheer netting to fill in around the top of the jar. I glued a piece of ribbon around the lip of the jar and then made a matching bow. I made bows out of various pastel ribbons and glued them to the tree, adding a butterfly and a Baby Girl Tag. My tree was completed.

I made the gift tags using Frantic Stamper's Gift Tag Die Set (really nice because  the reinforcement holes to strengthen your project are included). At this stage you could use the tags to place actual gift cards; I chose to make 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" white tags, distressed the edges and typed things one could do for a new mother, things like run errands, picture taking session, arrange play date for an older sibling, free babysitting, free day of housecleaning and dinner of her choice.

I decorated the tags with miscellaneous baby stickers.  

Lastly, I took ribbon and attached the tags to the tree.

This project was so much fun to create!

*** Materials for this project available at


  1. Love this Tree Rozy, it is amazing! xxx

  2. This would be so cute at a baby shower! Love this, Rozy.