Sunday, February 17, 2008

CHA Winter 2008 report (Part 2)

my post was too long.... had to split it into 2.....

LITTLE DAVIS: -Again, same as above…. Cloud 9, Heidi Grace and Little Davis are all owed by Fiskars now. They had mosly clear stamps in the Little Davis brand and I purchased ALLLLLLL of them!!! Watch out wallets!!

INQUE BOUTIQUE: -More stamps…. Some rubber, some clear. Lots and lots of stamps! Lots and lots of great priced stamps!!!

AUTUMN LEAVES: -I just concentrated on their new clear stamps. Ran out of money and didn’t buy their new papers. Truthfully, they didn’t do much for me… LOL!! But their stamps are wonderful so that’s what I went with.

DESIGN ORIGINALS: -A couple of new books for scrapbookers, paper crafters, and digital scrapbooking too.

CRAFTER’S WORKSHOP: -More templates!!! Crafter’s Workshop has really carved out a niche for themselves with their fabulous templates. I believe there are 12 new templates coming each in 2 sizes.

DOODLEBUG: -It’s all about the flocking!! Flocking kits, flocked paper, flocked brads. In the past, I have not carried Doodlebug’s papers, but we are adding their new lines!!! Watch for these in late March.

FANCY PANTS: -with 6 new collections, there’s something for everyone. Fancy Pants’ style is one of a kind. You won’t want to miss these!

SCENIC ROUTE: -Another great new selection of papers!

AROUND THE BLOCK: -New tool: The Paper Gator!!!! This is an exciting new tool. It’s a corner rounder, but it can punch through multiple sheets of cardstock, chipboard, cork, etc. here will be 4 different blades. Of course there’s more, including papers, funky embellishments, new frame tapes (paper lace) and so much more!!

SPELLBINDERS: -We were able to preview the Xcalibur, a motorized die cut machine. This will be exciting when it comes out in the late summer. Sadly, it’s not quite ready for release so we were unable to put in an order. We really don’t have a firm price either. But, there are new dies coming for the Wizard!!! RANGER: -Adirondack Pigment inks!! You’ve seen these on my site already. They’ll be here in April.

BAZZILL: -New BLING colors, new chipboard, and I also picked up the “Destinations” colors introduced last year.

OCTOBER AFTERNOON: -This is another company for which I had a lot of requests. Of course, I picked up the entire line.

ZUTTER: -A new tool from Zutter is the corner rounder. Much like Around The Block’s Paper Gator but a little more portable. We of course re-stocked on Bind-it-Alls. Don’t forget that you can punch through acrylic with the Bind-it-All….. perfect for making your own clear albums! Also, by popular demand, we will soon have the “stop guide” accossory as well as 3 NEW colors of wires: baby blue, baby pink, and antique brass!

WORLDWIN: -Just a few unusal texture cardstocks…. Pearlized with a finish. I didn’t buy much from them, but had requests for these specialized cardstock, so went ahead with a small order.

IMAGINESCE: -Have you seen the cute penguins!!! Well they caught my eye too. Can’t wait to get these

WE R MEMORY KEEPERS: -The Crop-A-Dile II “big bite” was a huge hit at the show.

BUTTONS GALORE: -We’ll be switching the bags of buttons we currently get from Dara over to Button Galore’s because the range of colors is MUCH better. Big bags of buttons for $6.99 in beautiful colors! These should be here next week.

STICKER KING: -If you like Best Creations glittered papers, you will like these! And let’s not forget the great dimentional stickers at ONLY $1.99!!!! (comparable to other manufacturer’s $3.99 embellishments!!)

LITTLE YELLOW BICYCLE: -3 fun lines from this offshoot of C-Thru (the ruler people). If you haven’t seen the ads in the magazines yet, get ready!

CLEAR SCRAPS: -Acrylic albums --- we already carry most of their line of clear albums: dog bone, house, tabbed albums, etc…. and now, we’re adding all the new ones: words, farmhouse, car, and more!

GLUE ARTS: -Always on the cutting edge with new adhesive answers, Glue Arts introduced this very handy tape runner, the "GlueMax". The cartridges come PRE-filled, so you just snap them in an out. No more threading the tape through.

ECSTASY CRAFTS: -Lots of Dutch templates, decoupage papers, new books, new peel off stickers….

TOGA: -This company from France was not actually exhibiting at the show, but as you know my “French Connections” are numerous, LOL, and I was able to meet with the owner of the company who showed me some fabulous versatile templates. These templates are like nothing else I have seen here and I’m very excited to bring them in for you.
There’s more, I’m sure…. So stay tuned to the website and blog for announcements of new products. Best place to keep bookmarked is the new products page on the website as that gets updated the most:

Hugs, Fran -


  1. Fran, It was great to meet you by the Fiskars booth. I hope you got your personalized scissors. Thanks for the great report on CHA. Even though I was there, I know I did not see everything.
    hugs Robin

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