Sunday, May 16, 2010

Changito Swings Pendulum Card

by Kathy Berger

Changito swings back and forth on his vine on the front of this card. The inside reads "just swinging by to say... hang in there." I hope you'll enjoy learning this very simple way of adding motion to your card.

Changito Swings


  • Stamps
  • Ink Pads
  • Copic Ciao Markers
  • Paper
    • White card stock
      • 11" x 4 1/4" folded to make 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" card
      • 5" x 3 3/4"
      • Scrap for stamping Changito and leaves
    • Bazzill Singles - Jade, Canvas texture     ( BAZ-5-555   $0.59),   cut to 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
  • Tools
  • Adhesives
    • 1/4" Circular Foam Pop Dot
    • 3D Square Foam Dots     ( BC-foam-lgsq   $2.99)
    • adhesive of choice
  • One penny or similar small coin or weight


  • Using the Versafine Onyx Black ink, stamp the vine from the Changitos Dos set onto the scrap white cardstock.
    Also in black, stamp Changito from the Changito the Monkey set so that he appears to be hanging from the vine.
    And again in black, stamp the large leaf from the Changito the Monkey set four times.
    Color all of the stamped images using the Copic markers, cut out, and set aside.

  • On the 5" x 3 3/4" piece of white cardstock, stamp solid leaves and vines from both sets using the various green inks in order to form a jungle setting.
    Use the brown Copic markers to add tree trunks or coconuts to complete the scene as desired.

  • Using the long-reach punch, punch a hole centered horizontally on the jungle scene, about 1 1/4" from the top.
    Insert the 1/4" foam dot into this punched hole.

    Affix a small piece of scrap cardstock to the back of the foam dot.
    Affix one of the cut out leaves to the front of the foam dot.

  • Affix a penny to the back of Changito.

    Affix the top of the vine to the leaf that is attached to the pop dot.
    Adhere the remaining leaves to the jungle scene to decorate as desired.

  • Use the foam dots to adhere the jungle scene layer to the green layer.
    Adhere the green layer to the white card.
    Stamp the two sayings ("just swinging by" from Changito Dos and "hang in there" from Changito the Monkey) on the inside of the card using the Versafine Onyx Black ink.
  • The card is finished. When it held vertically and tipped from side to side, Changito will swing back and forth across the card.
I hope you'll enjoy making your own simple pendulum card. Imagine using this technique for a pocket watch swinging from its chain (like a hypnotist would use), a child swinging on a rope swing, or a metronome in a music scene. It is so easy to do and very versatile.

See you next time!