Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tip Tuesday: More Money-saving Ideas

Today the design team would like to share some more money saving tips.

Tip #1
Jewelry can be taken apart and the pieces can be used on projects as embellishments.

Tip #2
As a group consider buying supplies in bulk. You will get a better price buying as a group rather than individually.

Tip #3
Use empty cereal boxes. Open up the box, lay it flat and cut the ends off. It makes a mat to stamp on. Also, cut the box up to card size. Insert the pieces into envelopes to protect nice cards from bending.

Tip #4
Purchase plastic see-through placemats at the Dollar Store and create templates for tags. You definitely will save money creating your own rather than buying the ones sold.

Tip #5
Use your scraps! They can be used for tags, ATCs, parts on cards, cardstock for punches, etc.

Tip #6
Think in terms of “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. Make it a habit.

Tip #7
Collect buttons, ribbons, feathers, etc. for embellishments.

Tip #8
Try organizing your projects according to occasion/season you are working on. Your local craft store will have sales by occasion/season. Especially take advantage of sales after holidays; merchandise will be marked down to the lowest prices!

Tip #9
Always shop the sale aisles of stores with crafting in mind, no matter what kind of store you might be in. Opened packages often go for cents on the dollar, but still have a great deal of use for a crafter. For example, recently I hit my local department store which is undergoing a remodel. They have moved all sorts of items into two aisles, for quick sale. I picked up several opened packages of buttons for $0.25 each, got a deck of miniature playing cards that had been opened (a few cards were bent, but the rest were fine) for $0.50, and an opened roll of wallpaper border for $1. Lots of crafting for next to nothing in cost!

Until the next time...
The Design Team

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