Thursday, October 25, 2018

Penguin Party Decorations (Ginette Bourque)

Penguin Party Decorations By Ginette Bouque, Frantic Stamper Design Team

I love penguins, and when I saw this darling project by Ginette Bourque from our Design Team, I was over the moon!

I thought you might like to make a batch for yourself or to give away, so here are Ginette's directions:
  • Die-Cut the Muse Mandala, Pat the Penguin and Fishing Pole from desired colors of cardstock.
  • Glue the Muse Mandala to the lid of the treat cup, making sure the finished side of the die cut is facing the lid (remember, it will be turned upside down)
  • Fill treat cup with Goldfish Crackers and snap on the lid.
  • Assemble the pieces for Pat the Penguin.
  • Cut a 1.25” circle from white paper as the base for the penguin, either using a circle punch, circle die, or freehand.
  • Using Cosmic Shimmer Fluffy Stuff, create a puddle of the glue-like material in the center of the paper circle.
  • If desired, add a bit of glitter to the Fluffy Stuff to give a glistening effect to the snow.
  • With tweezers, place and hold the assembled penguin into the puddle of Fluffy Stuff.
  • Heat Fluffy Stuff until it starts to bubble and rise. This will form your “snow”.
  • Let dry completely.
  • Affix the paper circle to the bottom of the treat cup (which is the top when turned upside down)
  • Glue the fishing pole to the front of the penguin.

*** Materials for this project available at

Additional Supplies used: Glue, scissors, heat gun, Goldfish™️ crackers


  1. These little critters are darling! THANKS


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  4. Jan Elmore5:22 AM

    Just adorable!