Thursday, December 12, 2019

Happy Monkey Day

Monkey Day
by Kathy Berger

Today is a little known but fun holiday known as Monkey Day. Started somewhat as a joke by two artists, Casey Sorrow and Eric Millikin, this holiday is now celebrated world-wide by people including reknowned animal activist Jane Goodall. The day has become a day to celebrate primates, but also a day for just general monkey business.

For many years now a friend and I have exchanged Monkey Day cards. I want to share the card I sent to her this year, made entirely with Frantic Stamper dies. The card features a special but very simple interactive feature...the monkey swings back and forth on his vine!

I won't go into details of diecutting and decorating the card elements, but I did want to share how I made the vine and monkey swing from side to side. I punched a 1" circle from cardstock, and then punched a 1/4" circle in it, off center. Holding the circle so the 1/4" hole is closer to the top than the bottom, but centered left-right, I affixed the vine to the bottom of the circle. I attached an MFT Spin and Slide Disc near the top center of my card on which I had sponged clouds. I then put the hole in my circle mechanism over the Spin and Slide Disc, and then glued another punched circle to the top of the disc. All that was left to do was add my monkey to the vine, affix the tree top I created with a stitched cloud die to the card top with foam tape on its top and sides, and finally glue my tropical foliage, and my shaped posies to the card. If you dont have a Spin and Slide disc, a small button would work, but the hole size and circle size might need adjustment.

I hope you have enjoyed the card, and that you will have a very happy Monkey Day!

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