Monday, October 11, 2010

Pretty Pink Paper Purse

by Kathy Berger

Pretty Pink Paper Purse


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • S.E.I. Papers, Claire Vivacious     ( SEI-8-5007   $0.99)
  • Embellishments
  • Tools
    • Original PINK Crop-A-Dile     ( WRM-CAD-pink   $24.99)
    • Template Pattern
    • Scoring tool of choice
    • Ruler
  • Adhesives


  • Click on this Template Pattern link to download the pattern pdf.
    Print the template and cut it out.
    *Tip: I use clear contact paper to laminate my templates.
    I mark the intersection of score lines by punching a hole with a long-reach 1/8" hole punch so it is easy to transfer the score lines from the pattern to the project.

  • Trace the template onto the wrong side of Vivacious paper and cut out the purse.

  • Mark the location of the score lines, and using a straight edge (ruler) and scoring tool, score the fold lines.

  • Fold on the score lines to form purse.

  • Apply glue to the small areas shown in the template and adhere to their neighboring panels to help the purse keep its shape.

  • Choose three of the Prima Sprites (I used a large, medium, and small pink sprite)

  • Crumple each of the three Sprites.

  • Carefully re-open the three Sprites.

  • Stack the sprites and use a brad to hold them together.

  • Glue the flower to the front of the purse flap.

  • Attach magnet snaps to the insde of the purse flap and to the inside of the purse to keep the purse shut.

  • With two eyelets, attach a piece of 1/4" wide ribbon or a piece of card stock, 6" long, to the top of the purse for a handle.

The purse can now hold small treats or gifts. I hope you will give making one a try. It is easy, and it's a fun way to give a small gift.

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  1. This is really cute! I know several young girls who would love to dress up and carry a pretty purse like this!