Wednesday, October 13, 2010


by Lis Whiting


I made this unique card in the shape of the letter “S”. “S” can stand for many things. For my card, it stands for the spirit and strength of all those fighting cancer.


  • Paper and Cardstock
    • Bazzill Petunia, Basics Monochromatic, Red-Violet    ( BB-MC-RD/VIO   $11.99)
    • The following would be hand torn strips about 2-3 inches wide and about 6 inches long.
      • Yuzen Washi Paper in Pink     ( SEA-BK-2238   $11.95)
      • Bo Bunny, Petal Pushers Doodles Double Sided Paper, pink side     ( BBP-P-03066   $0.89)
      • Penny Black, Antique Writing, Art of Writing Papers     ( SEA-BK-1156   $11.95)
  • Inks and Embossing Powders
  • Embellishments
    • Kaiser Craft White Pearls, Snow     ( KAI-PRL-794   $1.99)
    • Pink Satin Ribbon, 1/8” wide, about 4” long
    • Basic Grey, Micro Monograms, Alphabet Stickers     ( BG-S-BAS-2573   $1.59)
    • Tim Holtz Tissue Tape, Marketplace     ( ADV-TH-92827   $9.99)
    • Brass Charms (heart and wings)
  • Tools
  • You have several different choices for the “S” card shape.
    • Accucut Letter “S” (Roman 4”)
    • You can purchase two chipboard letters and cover them with papers
    • Draw your own “S” and cut out.
    • Grungeboard Alpha Plain     ( ADV-GB-92496   $19.99 --- sale 10.99)
    • Sizzix Big Shot Machine (pink/black) SIZ-Big-manual   $99.99) with
      Sizzix BigZ Alphabet Uppercase Die, Sassy Serif “S”
      (These dies are available individually at a cost of $19.99; If you want one, ask Fran.)


  • For this card we are going to make SERENDIPITY PAPER.
    This is a fun way to use up all those little pieces of paper that you can’t bear to throw away (you should see my pile!).
    When I make serendipity paper, I never know exactly how it will come out but that’s the fun and the serendipity of it!

    • Fold your petunia card in half. The card opens on the right.

    • Choose between 3 and 4 different papers. I chose 3; two in pink shades and one in beige.

    • Rip your paper into large 2-3 inch strips.

    • Keep in mind that you want the fold line to be clean so when you glue paper in this area trim it if you need to.

    • Glue the strips onto your card horizontally. (This is because we are going to cut the S and we want it to cut through the different lines of paper.)

      TIP: You don’t need to use strips. You can paste on pieces however you want. It’s serendipity paper!

  • Run the serendipity paper card through either accucut or sizzix big shot with 4” letter “S”, or use another method to make your "S" card.

    Now you can really see how the cut of the letter ran through the different papers. It comes out nice every time.

  • The next thing I did was add the pink ribbon.

    • I cut the ribbon to about 4 inches.

    • I added a drop of glue to where the ribbon tails would cross and then glued the tails on top of one another.

    • I let this dry.

    • Once dry I added a drop of glue to the card and glued the ribbon to the card.

  • I added the heart next and then the angel wing charms, using mounting tape.

  • I added the ribbon first so that I could have a better idea about where I would need to balance the card.

  • I added white pearls to either end of the “S”.

  • I added the two words “spirit” and “strength” to the bends in the “S”.

    Some of the letters like the “p”, “t” and “g” hang off the card but I thought this added some charm to the card.

  • The micro mono letters were manila and I needed to add a little color because they kind of faded into the card’s background.
    I used a paper towel and my finger and brushed corduroy.
    I touched my finger onto the ink pad and rubbed the ink onto the letters until I was happy with the coloring.

Although this is a small card, I like giving it to people.I write a line or two on the inside (can’t hide money in there!). I use a “V” for Valentine’s Day and a “C” for Christmas. Sometimes I add the decorated letter to the front of a card. It’s all fabulous!

I hope that you try making some serendipity paper for your cards! See you next time!

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  1. this is really quite fantastic! I love the variety of papers you used and most of all I love what your S stands for! Great job!