Saturday, October 23, 2010


by Lis Whiting



  • Paper and Cardstock
    • Bazzill Basics Monochromatic 5-color packs, Petunia, Red-Violet     ( BB-MC-RD/VIO   $11.99)
    • Bazzill Bling Hollywood Bling     ( BAZ-BL-401   $0.69)
    • Best Creations Pink Punch Glitter Cardstock     ( BC-P-GL044   $2.59) - just enough for 4 photo corners
    • Melissa Frances “Overwhelmed”     ( MFR-P-145   $0.69)
      • 5 1/4” x 5 1/4”
      • 2" x 2"
    • DaisyD Playground Flowers, pink side of Adore     ( DD-P-17709   $0.69)
      • 5 3/4” x 5 3/4”
    • Melissa Frances Paper/Emb Kit, Breast Cancer     ( MFR-PK-251   $12.99)
  • Embellishments
  • Tools


  • Fold your Bazzill petunia in half to form your base card. The card will open from the bottom.

  • Take your piece called Playground Flowers and attach to front of card. Set aside.

  • Punch 2 11” border strips with the Fiskars punch.

    – This picture shows a sample of what the border will look like.
    You will want to punch 11” borders with a 1/4” base.

  • Take your large Melissa Frances paper and attach the punched borders, one side at a time.

  • Trim off the design from the corners. (You will be adding photo corners next.)

  • Punch four photo corners fro the hot pink glitter cardstock.

  • Attach the photo corners to the Melissa Frances paper.

  • Attach this completed piece to your card.

  • To make the border:
    • Punch out 11” strip of gold cardstock with the Fiskars punch.

    • Add double stick tape to the back side of the 2x2 Overwhelmed piece.

    • Complete one side at a time only.

    • Lay the punched strip down on your work surface, right side facing up.

    • Take your 2x2 piece, right side facing up, and lay one edge down on the punched strip.

    • The double stick tape will attach the strip to the back of your square.

    • Cut the strip so that there is no overhang.

    • Continue, one side at a time, until all four sides have the punched border.

  • To make the ribbon and bow

    • Take your 1/2” grosgrain pink ribbon and make your breast cancer ribbon design.

    • Put a glue dot between the intersecting ribbon tails and glue one over the other.

    • Remember that your square will be turned on its points like a diamond when its attached to your card.

    • Take a second glue dot and glue the ribbon to the square.
      The ribbon should touch the top and bottom points more or less.

    • Take both 1/4” ribbons and make a bow.

    • Attach the bow to the center of the larger ribbon with a glue dot.

    • Add mounting tape to the back side of the square.

    • Take the tails of the smaller ribbons and wrap them around the back.

    • Attach to the back by adhering them to the mounting tape.

  • Attach your centerpiece to your card.

  • Add a pink rose with glue dots to your center piece under the ribbon bows.

  • This card is fairly easy to make and can be made with any pink papers you have. I hope that you will make this card and send it to someone special.

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